An Open Letter To Britt McHenry

Dear Britt McHenry,

Getting your car towed while you’re at dinner (possibly unjustifiably) has to be frustrating; that’d certainly make me unhappy, too.  Obviously, that disgusting place was not up to the standards that you, someone who is on television and news, are used to.

Gosh, what a stressful situation.

You’ve graced us ESPN viewers with your pretty face & perfect teeth and for that [you believe] we all owe you something. I’m sure if that attendant knew who you were, she’d have made it a more pleasant experience for you. Speaking of that attendant, she must have been the one who actually towed your car…right? The nerve.  I hope your mean-hearted, terrible comments you threw at her have made a difference in her life.

When you looked up at the security camera, I saw the bitch from high school that I hated, the girl who walked around the halls superior to the rest of us. Your sidekick, laughing in the background of the video supported the quick judgment I made.

Enjoy your week off from work; get a pedicure and relax, Princess.


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Britt McHenry

  1. Ahhhh, but you only scratched the surface, Jen. I know there’s more bottled up inside that you can’t print here. And I think all of us feel the same way. What an arrogant, pampered, spoiled, egotistical, loser life ass she is. Thanks for the letter.

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    1. What can I say? I’m a classy lady…
      [aka: I absolutely could have gone on]
      …There is no excuse for her behavior. Being in a stressful situation shouldn’t produce a false sense of entitlement. The situation had little to do with her actions; that’s a character flaw.

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