“Not Unfortunate Looking”

Ah, my favorite description for someone or something [I’m not always a judgmental bitch]. When the phrase, Not Completely Unfortunate Looking is used properly… it’s perfect.


Hey Jen, Do you think that new girl is pretty?

…I mean, she’s not unfortunate looking.

The new girl is probably pretty plain – maybe has a feature or two that strike me as unattractive, but she has a nice smile.

Hey Jen, Do you like that shirt?

…I mean, it’s not unfortunate looking.

The shirt more than likely has a God awful print, but it fits nice.

I’m not sure, perhaps it’s my blunt nature that throws people off when it’s said. Noticeably, the terminology creates a facial expression that screams:

Is that appropriate? 

Should I think that’s funny?

Is she being mean?

Listing off meaner statements I’m capable of coming up with came to mind, but I dismissed it. We’re here for, Not Unfortunate Looking.

No need for a fuss, it’s okay to laugh.  It’s not a compliment per say but if it was directed at me, at least they don’t think my car, clothes…face, whatever… is down right ugly. That’s way worse.

Not unfortunate looking is another way of saying, someone might like it. Listing off ways people are big ol’ babies and need to learn to simmer down came to mind also, but I dismissed it.

via: giphy.com
via: giphy.com

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