Not to be all preachy, but you should look into Gamifio

You know that moment? When you catch wind of something & you realize it’s so ridiculously obvious, you’re not sure you’re more annoyed it hasn’t been done previously, or because you weren’t the one to come up with the stellar idea yourself? There’s a new app spinning around that gives me that moment.  Gamifio is something you, or I should have come up with like, yesterday…but, someone beat us to it.

gamifios photo

Thanks, I guess.

I’ve proudly talked about how wonderfully I took turning thirty last year, but let’s get real… being a working mama and wife with a house, yard, kid and hobby to manage, I don’t frown upon the use of technology to liven up my day.

I could only handle Candy Crush for so long. By the time my friends were on level 342 & I couldn’t get past level 82 [true statistics] – I was all like… I wish there was a game app that I could beat them at. 


…I’m talking about Gamifio; they figured it all out.

Laundry, dishes, getting your kids to do their chores…pretty basic things. Invite your friends to challenge you and it suddenly isn’t as basic.

It’s not science-fiction, this whole Gamification deal. Lots of companies utilize it in their marketing strategies; Nike uses it to encourage and reward people who use their app & lead an active lifestyle. Starbucks? Their reward program uses it to promote loyalty to their product.  If big business catching on is not convincing enough, I’ll keep talking.

wheres the cheapest beer in town

Perhaps chores aren’t really your thing [lucky you], it’s not just for chores. Challenge your friends to find the best happy hour or thrift store in town. See who can resist temptation longest by giving up a food that’s making you lumpier than you’d all prefer.

Who doesn’t need a better reason to do their day-to-day [usually super boring, not fun] tasks? Create challenges with people you know and make adult chores & life tolerable. Download it, and I guarantee [as much as my words are worth to you, personally…cause I’m not offering anything to you if you disagree, but I doubt you will] you won’t regret it.

If big business & I are still not convincing: go check them out for yourself. You can follow their game play on Facebook, Twitter & on their Website. Follow them for updates & tell your friends to do the same.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Not to be all preachy, but you should look into Gamifio

      1. I am pretty certain you can make up whatever challenges you want. If I were you…I’d use this for meetings:
        Challenge: Who can bring up as many useless points and questions in the first 10 minutes? ……Doesn’t that sound fun?



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