Opinion: Love Your Lines

ProperlyRidiculousOpinionsWhy does it matter that the coconut butter I smeared on my growing stomach did not prevent the lines from forming from the top, all the way to the bottom? Women’s bodies are capable of creating human beings – and there are many things that happen along the way as a result of that phenomenon…

Not to be all gross or anything but, should we start a movement about poo-ing on the delivery table while giving birth? Is that beautiful, too? …It was part of the process, and as much as we all hope it doesn’t happen – it’s natural.

[via: giphy.com]
[via: giphy.com]
The stretch marks that are on my belly & sides due to carrying a human inside my body will never grace the walls of my social media.  I have no problem with the women who proudly display what their bodies went through, more power to them. Me? I would rather focus on the hard work that goes into parenting my offspring rather than the hard work my body went through to get him here.

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I’m not shaming the #LoveYourLines campaign, movement… whatever you want to call it – it’s just there are so many other things we could focus on. Women constantly voice their desire to be noticed for things outside of physical appearances & their bodies – yet here we are putting a lot of attention on just that.

[via: giphy.com]
[via: giphy.com]
Being a mother is rewarding on so many levels that, to be honest, stretch marks are the last thing on my mind. I’m thinking about the future of my child & where we go from where we are at right now. How far we have come since the day he made his appearance and what we will do next week to expand his portfolio of experiences.

My body and the marks on it, have no bearing on any of those things.

So yeah…that’s how I feel about that.

3 thoughts on “Opinion: Love Your Lines

  1. Well said. People don’t want to bring attention to bodies and appearances. Yet, the more we cry “don’t look at me” the more we are looking. What a conundrum!



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