‘Sorry’ Doesn’t Really Cut It, Josh Duggar

I have never watched an episode of 19 kids and counting, so you could say that my opinion regarding Josh Duggar molesting young children is pretty unbiased. If we’re being blunt though – when a crime is committed against a young person who is unable to defend themselves – there shouldn’t even be the option of being biased…period.

People are reaching out and showing support simply because he owned up to it? Where is the support and outreach for the children [some being his sisters] that he assaulted? Since when does justice take a back seat to an apology?

If this was not a white guy with a well-known christian faith and for lack of better terms – celebrity family – the news articles would read much differently.

I’m shocked at the amount of support he is receiving with little mention of the victims. I am appalled that there are people in positions of power who are going on the record saying, “Good people make bad mistakes”.

Well, no shit. The problem is that molesting a child is not simply a mistake.

I made a mistake the other day when I yelled at my kid over something minuscule. I make mistakes often; to put something as inappropriate as what Josh Duggar did in the same category makes me want to vomit.

In his pubic apology he says, he confessed to his parents and received counseling and follows that with, “…I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life.” 

His life, can’t ruin that… 

[Josh Duggar Resigns From Antigay Family Research Council Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations]

Josh Duggar did not beat someone up. Josh Duggar did not name-call. Josh Duggar did not pull a prank that went too far. Josh Duggar did not accidentally mistake anything… Josh Duggar made the decision to grope and molest his sisters and other kids. 

4 out of the 5 victims were his own family members & to say they went to the authorities, like many media outlets are reporting – the truth is, they didn’t go to the authorities until a year had passed, and it was only because he had done it again. I’m sorry doesn’t cut it & if it did – the prisons here in America would be much less crowded.

In other news: Josh Duggar is a much larger danger to society than any gay person I’ve ever met.

4 thoughts on “‘Sorry’ Doesn’t Really Cut It, Josh Duggar

  1. I hadn’t heard about this, I’ve seen their programs and while it seemed a nice family, it also looked false to me. Anyway, child abuse is wrong, the attitudes of those supporting him is very similar to the attitudes of some in the UK that protected high profile abusers for decades (lookup Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall and others). Being sorry is all very well, but he needs to be dealt with as anyone else would be, otherwise it’s meaningless. Well written and I totally agree with you.


  2. Ugh, really? People are supporting him? Wasn’t their kid he molested so I guess they’re okay wih it. And calling it a mistake? I locked my keys in the car was a mistake. Molesting 5 children is NOT a mistake, it’s a pedophile.


  3. Rather than concentrating on Josh Duggar, I want to look at this more broadly.

    This horrible situation has me thinking about a parallel one. Lena Dunham admitted to molesting her sister in her autobiography, but the flak she received did not even come close to the flak Josh Duggar is getting. Is it because Dunham’s victim defended her? Is it because Dunham is a woman? Is it because we allow more leeway for people in the performing/writing arts? Is it because the scale of the abuse (one victim) is smaller than what we are seeing with Duggar? Is it because the Duggar family is trying to tell us as a nation how the American family is supposed to be, and the hypocrisy has bubbled to the top?

    Regardless, HBO renewed Girls for a fifth season, and TLC axed the Duggars. Now, politically, I lean more toward the left, but I am scratching my head over this one.



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