Kiki Willems & Tess Holliday: What’s The Difference?


This is 18 year old model, Kiki Willems & this ad was banned in the UK because she appears underweight and it was deemed, irresponsible.

aca quoteIt’s ignorant to assume there are not naturally thin girls who appear to be underweight; I’m requesting to know why it’s okay to discriminate against them? Why is it irresponsible to put those girls in an advertisement?  With the trend that was, and still is: real-size models isn’t the message being sent, one of acknowledging all body types?

Should skinny girls not aspire to model anymore?

I think it’s irresponsible to shame a woman for her body regardless of her size and shape. Everyone is so proud of Tess Holliday, the size 22 supermodel… can that be deemed as irresponsible?

Technically speaking, we could say Tess Holliday looks unhealthy, but she’s on a cover welcoming her into the supermodel club. If a young girl is flipping through People magazine, are we concerned what this hypothetical girl’s thoughts might be?

Kiki Willems was posed in a way that accentuated her already thin frame…

Kiki Willems chest appears too thin with the way the light is shining on it…

What if it was the other way around?

Tess Holliday was posed in a way that accentuated her already chubby frame…

Tess Holliday’s stomach appears extra large when she’s at that angle…

Would that be okay? Should Tess Holliday’s photos be banned because they promote a normalcy for obesity? Why is one extreme worse or better than the other?

so many questions

Just as there are larger young girls who can relate to Tess Holliday, there are genetically thin girls who can relate with Kiki Willems and to suggest anything otherwise would be insensible.

The advertisers, marketers and most importantly the creator of a product should be able to express their visions, for their products using the art of their choosing.

Whose responsibility is it to teach young girls about a healthy body image? Not Kiki Willems…not Tess Holliday……and not the folks over at People or Elle Magazine.

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One thought on “Kiki Willems & Tess Holliday: What’s The Difference?

  1. I agree with you. It’s strange because you could easily claim that both extremes are unhealthy. I think there’s been a long standing tradition of the ultra skinny being the more desirable for fashion models, so I can see how there’s definitely a need for more body types to be represented and am glad it’s finally happening.

    For many years the plus size models have been the underdogs. It’s like both have to go full circle, from acceptance, to desirability/popularity, to finally…questioning due to health. Right now, plus sized models are in their heyday for the first time, I’m sure there will come a day when seeing plus size models will be normal and then perhaps the coin will flip and people will worry that we’re promoting unhealthiness by showcasing them just as is happening now with ultra skinny models. It’s weird, isn’t it?

    I think as you said, the message should be, be happy with yourself, don’t beat yourself up. However, I also believe in being healthy too, so we should all strive for that as well. Certainly there are even people who are completely average in every way body-wise (myself included) who are unhealthy due to lack of exercise. So really…we should just accept ourselves/all body types and try to do the best we can with what genetics gave us! ha!!

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