Dear Diary: I Left My Job To Pursue Self-Employment

[August 4, 2015]

I intentionally left my phone and tablet at home and ended up sitting in a park with a notebook and a pen. For the first time, in real time… I’m wondering what life as a writer will be like.

…and I have no idea.

7 years of employment fit into one box that has been in the back of my minivan for 2 days…and will probably remain there until at least mid the end of next week. What the #uck am I supposed to do with all that stuff? Those things are not things that belong in my house… they belong in an office – that I won’t be going to tomorrow [or the next day, or the next day…].

I kept it 100% together today… until I walked out the door.


I know I’ll be back, and go through those doors again – but it won’t be the same. I’ve walked in & out of those doors every weekday (give or take) for the last 7 years & the next time I come, I’ll be a visitor; the ironic nature of it makes it difficult to wrap my head around.

The range of emotion I’ve felt over the last month, and especially today is worth documenting. Properly Ridiculous has taken a seat on the back-burner over the last few months and I cannot wait to document this possibly, off-the-wall-leap-of-faith decision I’ve made.

I got a taste of making money doing what I love & I got hungry. I took every job that was offered to me while working a full time job. Without going into any over dramatic detail, the last few months have gone something like this…

Work – Get Home – Work On Writing Jobs – Eat Dinner With My Family – Finish Writing Jobs – Bed ………

Aaaaand: REPEAT.


The reason I started making money in the first place is because of the feeling Properly Ridiculous and the community of blogging friends and inspirations gave me. I never would have explored the various avenues of literature and writing had I not been surrounded by like-minded people with aspirations similar to my own.

If this decision to remove myself from the 9-5 didn’t happen now… it never would have; the last thing I want is to feel regret and wonder, WHAT IF? I’m ready to prove myself & take my hobby back… all at once.

It might not work out. There’s a chance my positivity and goals are far-fetched… but I don’t care. Regardless what happens : it’s going to provide me with stellar writing material.


It will be documented. I plan to be brutally honest – good or bad… but let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

Until next time [public] diary…

9 thoughts on “Dear Diary: I Left My Job To Pursue Self-Employment

  1. Hi ya!

    Just wanted to say that I’ve looked around your blog a bit (I found it through Funny Blog Friday – my blog is new to that list) and your writing is great! Good luck following your dream, and keep us posted! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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