6 Most [Unfortunately] Well-Known Selfies

Selfie: Taking a picture of yourself with intentions of sharing it and showing everyone how good you look. No one takes a selfie for themselves, there are mirrors for that. Kim Kardashian made an entire book you can purchase of hers! [You can purchase it for $9.97 on Amazon]

via: amazon.com

Her favorite is one I’m not even going to talk about: The Cleavage Selfie. If I had enormous huge big any ta-tas, there’s a chance I’d take more selfies. With that being said… here are 6 obnoxious selfies I personally wish everyone would stop posting.

Same Selfie – Over & Over


Not the same one, these people are way too beautiful to use the same picture when the camera obviously loves them. Maybe there’s a different shirt being worn, a brighter filter or the pose is captured outside rather than on their bed, but the well-known duck face is often present. This selfie looks identical to the one they posted yesterday & the day before that…AND THE FUCKING DAY BEFORE THAT. C’mon…get it together.

Man Selfie


If you are a man, please… stop taking selfies. USA Today took on the task of calling out the guys who do this.

[Study: Men who take selfies may be psychopaths]

Girls get to play the “aren’t we so cute…tell me how pretty I am” card. Guys… you look crazy. That is all.

I-Took-This-With-My-Friends-And-Cropped-Them-Out Selfie


I always thought the purpose of being able to take a picture – is to remember a memory, place and even sometimes other people. Am I wrong? Did I miss a memo? The problem with these is it makes the person snapping and cropping look even more self-absorbed. You’ve now taken the selfie game to a new level.

Damn, I look good in this… Jane looks really pretty too – I’m going to get rid of her.

What the fuuuuck?

Overly-Filtered Selfie


It’s super great to have the ability to filter your photos, but let’s not go overboard, mmmkay? How many filters does a camera phone allow per picture? Is there a limit? There should be. One more thing, don’t hashtag that shit, #NoFilter… it’s insulting everyone’s intelligence.

Car Selfie


We see your seatbelt and the movement in your window. Please, for the sake of all that is holy – wait until you get where you’re going to show everyone how great you look. There’s a mirror in the visor should you need to freshen up after the drive for ultimate selfie beauty. Or, just skip it all together…that’d be fine also.

Surprised/Shocked Selfie


Are these people trying to convince everyone they’re unaware of the picture…that they are personally pushing the button for? Again, it’s insulting. We know you know it was happening. Out of all the different selfies I bitched about – and the plethora of others I left alone– this is the worst. No contest.

Regardless of the reason, the pose or the gender… congratulations on loving yourself.

One thought on “6 Most [Unfortunately] Well-Known Selfies

  1. Is a career in photography ruined with the rise of the selfie? …perhaps it is enhanced… young women (but not young men) are well-practiced at their glamour smiles and flash them easily at the count of 1,2, 3… Perhaps the photographers must truly be talented to shoot a timeless portrait or to capture an unguarded moment that says more than “selfie-pose”…



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