Nothing Compares To You… Or This.

I don’t know if it’s the song itself or if the uncanny memories that I’ve tied to the tune make it so wonderful. Either way, I love the song and nothing will ever compare to it.


I wish I could remember the first time the song entered my world. There’s a chance Bridget has a story of when it all began, she was present for basically all of the Nothing-Compares-To-YouFiascos. I’m sure you’re wondering how it’s possible to keep talking about it for even this long… but it’ll get better, promise.

When we first decided to try the adult game, like best friends do, Bridget and I made the mistake of renting an apartment together. I could tell ya the best and worst stories of that dwelling, but we’ll save that for another day; I know you’re eager to see where Sinead O’Conner fits in.

We ended up with a few people hanging out on the living room floor. One of those instances when an already kinda sketchy friend you don’t know that well brings an even sketchier friend of theirs into your apartment? For some reason (because we love it) Nothing Compares To You ends up playing on the old school boombox.

Sketchier friend of kinda sketchy friend says something along the lines of:

“This song makes me so sad……… It makes me think about my mom.”


Thinking about it now, I wish one of us would have had the courage to address how fucking weird that was. Instead, we just glanced around the room like a bunch of weirded out 19 and 20-year-olds.

Moving along…

This known heartbreak tune carried its way into my wedding. At that point in our lives, Bridget and I had allowed the song to become a significant part of our friendship. Obviously there was a need for us to have a moment with it – at my wedding. 

The combination of adult beverages and a perfectly timed request to the DJ allowed Bridget & I to give our rendition, interpretive dance included – while her husband gave his all on the air/blow up guitar. I want to go into a real wordy description, but I don’t know if that’s necessary when there were cameras.


Do you see her? Sinead was there. Upper right corner. [Best DJ EVER]
It was so amazing that I wish every single one of you could have witnessed it.

Moving along… the other day this happened:


…Later inspiring this (some may call pointless while I call it) stellar blog post.

If you don’t like Sinead’s version – this one may be your cup of tea. I dream of a time when everyone more people will love Nothing Compares To You as much as Bridget & I.

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