Thankful List [Because it seems like the right thing to do]

I sat down last night with six craft beers and my notebook. It wasn’t planned initially, but before I knew it I was chicken scratching things that I’m thankful for…it seemed like the right thing to do.

My alarm went off this morning, and due to the craft beer – I couldn’t remember right away why I had set it. After some groggy thinking, I remembered it was Thanksgiving and there’s a 2-hour drive ahead of me…that’s why I set the alarm. Thankfully (like how I did that?) I have time to share my list with you before we take off on our trek.

[Disclaimer: Some things on this list, the beer is more thankful for, and other, more serious things I came up with on my own.]

  1. The Vikings, NFL and Football season as a whole: mostly for the food.
  2. My husband who has allowed me to roll my eyes way more than usual lately.
  3. My kid – cause he’s awesome and the male personality replica of me at nine years old.
  4. Bernie Sanders and all the people who won’t stop following me on Twitter, Facebook and my blog due to my vocal support of him. (#FeelTheBern)
  5. Music: Cause..I’m a sucker for other people putting words together in a way I wish I could have.
  6. Food: For as much as I’d love to lose some poundage, there is too much deliciousness to appreciate.
  7. My pets…who are the most annoying, needy animals in the midwest – but they make me feel important.
  8. Teddy Bridgewater (This is separate from #1): After the QB Shuffle the Vikings have been playing with, he’s a breath of fresh air and everything I wanted Christian Ponder to be.
  9. Strangers who keep my world spinning: I’m not sure who they are – but I’m sure there are plenty of them.
  10. Friends. Old, new and everything in between. The ones who I should talk to more, the ones who I’ve seemed to know a lifetime instantly and especially, the ones who call me out on my bullshit.
  11. Hip-Hop, for being clever and being as badass as I wish I could be as a writer.
  12. Writers and Bloggers who are doing their thing and finding success, I strive to be even 1/2 as cool as you. The motivation that’s provided is 183% more than I could solo.
  13. My waitressing job that allows me to pursue a writing career while not feeling broke as a joke.
  14. Yoga pants – because who doesn’t love them? They’re the closest thing to not wearing pants as you can get.
  15. Pizza, Mexican Food (of any kind) & Lasagna. I know I already said food – but my favorites get the spotlight briefly.
  16. Instagram. Nothing has ever made me feel more like a photographer, ever. I like and appreciate that shit.
  17. Fucking swear words, for giving me the ability to express exactly how I’m feeling.
  18. Justin Bieber, for giving me current beats with old school, boy-band nostalgia.
  19. People who can accept the less than great and make the good even better.
  20. Words that can be transferred as feelings and produced at 500% face value.
  21. My bed. No real reason. Probably the same reason you’re thankful for yours… we have one.
  22. Sarcasm: allowing me to be a snotty broad while getting a few laughs, since 1998.
  23. Thrift Stores: because who doesn’t love getting insane crazy good deals on shit?

…and that’s where my scribbled list ended.

Happy Thanksgiving, Folks.


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