Dear Diners [An Open Letter From a Waitress]

Dear Diners,

We want you to have a good time when you come out for a meal. That’s our goal; it makes your life easier, it makes our life easier and that is why you are coming out to eat… is it not? Whether you planned a night out or you’re swinging in for a quick lunch because our establishment just happened to be on your way – going out to eat is supposed to be a good time.

It’s partially our job to make sure that happens.

There are a wide range of you diners – from super, fun and awesome to cranky, rude and terrible; most of you probably fall somewhere in the middle. Like most other 31 year old servers, I have perfected my ability to smile sincerely while saying, “absolutely!” Behind your server’s smile and pleasant demeanor, you should know… that sweet girl, at some point, walked back into the kitchen and strung unthinkable combinations of swear words together – for some reason or another.

Sometimes that reason is you, the diner.

Yes, we are hired help. We are there to serve you, the diner, and ensure your time spent at our business trumps the other restaurant down the road. While most of you realize this, I find it necessary to point out that we are also human beings.

Real people.

Whether the server who greets you is 19 years old and working to get through college, 24 years old and working to party or 31 years old and working to get by – we have lives outside of this restaurant. We have families and friends. We do things like, grocery shop and take our kids to school in the morning.

Look at us when we are speaking to you!

Acknowledge our presence when we stop by to make sure your food is delicious. Don’t snap your fingers or use words like, ‘fetch’. While I am working, I am not your servant. Don’t grab my arm as I’m walking by. Don’t waive your beer bottle or soda glass in the air – I speak the same language as you; talk to me. Most of us choose this line of work because we enjoy people, we like being around other human beings. Treat us like one.

To the super, fun and awesome patrons: Thank you for making our night. To the middle of the line, just out to eat folks: Thank You for being normal. Lastly, to the cranky, rude and terrible guests: Stay home.

A Waitress

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