January 28, 2016

I have lived in my house for over a year and have never set foot in the nearby super-cheap-unhealthy-greasy-delicious, McDonald’s. My first thought after stepping inside was, when did they get a lounge chair and a fireplace? The paintings on the wall were beautiful and modern…and I can get an outrageous amount of food for $5.25?! 


Thank God I am able to reason with myself that I cannot let myself get out of control with this. I still do not like McDonalds, I think to myself as I devour the best pickle, onion and cheese bite ever.

Throughout the last few weeks we’ve been having car problems. Our van has been in the garage more than once and when we picked it up last week we were confident the issues were behind us…

So much behind us, in fact, that I felt confident enough to express how nice our van looked in that McDonald’s parking lot and how I bet she’s so happy that she starts every…single…time.

Why would you say that?

:My Husband

About one minute after I snapped back with, because it’s fixed! … it didn’t start.

Can’t make this up. 

My husband stared in my direction with a look that he gives me when he’s kidding – or maybe that was just how I chose to interpret it – either way…  it was followed by him telling me to go ahead and give it a try. With the tiniest amount of hope still in me I reached over and turned the key. Nothing.

Put your foot on the brake!


Braking, while turning the key seemed logical but that, apparently, was not the issue.

I called the garage that just replaced the starter (last week), so this wouldn’t happen anymore, who arranged for a tow back to their establishment…for the third time this month.

Get Well Soon…

I feel it’s necessary to make clear that I don’t question their honesty or their intentions… but seriously… COME ON!


Is this normal? Is car repair nothing but a series of expensive trial and error?

We drove the same silver Malibu loaner car we previously had in our possession home, with the same gas we put in it a few days ago and we wait for the,  that’ll-be-2,000-dollars-please, call…

If there’s anything positive to take away from this, it’s that our loaner plays insanely scratched CDs effortlessly. I’m taking this time to revisit some mixes that were carefully crafted back in my early 20’s.

50 cent, Weezer, OutKast, Evanescence, Ashlee Simpson, Chingy and Gretchen Wilson all in one place?


I suppose it could be worse?

2 thoughts on “January 28, 2016

  1. I can’t believe you jinxed the starter like that….
    And you sure that was a McDonald’s and not a Starbucks? We are happy when our local McDonald’s doesn’t have a shooting for a week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did then, and I still refuse to take responsibility for this mishap……… On the other hand I will be much more careful choosing my words in the future.
      I’m sure people over in your neck of the woods are upset about the McDouble costing over a dollar with only one slice of cheese……..



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