Bernie Sanders, Big Pharma & Heroin

Recently, I posted ten [super valid] reasons why Mr. Sanders should be POTUS. This additional reason to support Bernie Sanders might trump, no-donald-pun-intended, the other ten I previously penned. While intently watching the Democratic town hall in New Hampshire I heard Bernie Sanders say something I’ve never heard him, or anyone else currently (or previously) running for president say, let alone give any attention to.

I went through four years of high school, smoking an occasional joint at a party; never was I ever pressured into hard drugs, I’d even go as far as saying I had virtually no knowledge of how most of them were even ingested. Growing up 10 minutes out of Minneapolis, it wasn’t until I moved to a less congested area of Wisconsin – as an adult – that my eyes were opened to the large, sickening epidemic of opiates and heroin.

Seven years I have called Wisconsin home, in that time I’ve heard and been exposed to scary and heartbreaking instances that revolve around these drugs. I’ve watched them rip families apart and almost take the life of someone I call a friend. I had to hear about the murder, up the road, because of a deal gone wrong…

The stories continue and I’ve come to the unsettling realization that my son, growing up in today’s world, will be exposed to so much more than I was – a lot earlier in his life if something doesn’t change.

While I believe individuals are responsible for their choices and need to pony up to the consequences connected with poor decision making, I also strongly believe there is a huge injustice circulating within our country. Like Bernie said, You need 50 painkillers after a molar is removed? 


big pharma comic


Big Pharma have nothing but their own interests in mind – the more they have addicted the more money they make. Money. Business. Greed.

There were 47,055 lethal drug overdoses in 2014 making drug overdose the most prominent cause of accidental death in America. 

Not only do I trust Mr. Sanders to fight big pharma, I sincerely believe he wants to help the well-being of the American people who have fallen through the cracks. Our country needs to move forward, progressively, in a way that human beings who are getting swallowed up by addiction have a fighting chance. A small light at the end of the tunnel should be bright – if they are compelled to look for it.  Bernie Tweet


4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders, Big Pharma & Heroin

  1. I wish I could have seen this post earlier. On the topic of heroin, my parents are both on the volunteer fire company in my hometown. The amount of calls they go on every month for heroin overdoses is astounding. A few months ago I found out my cousin was in rehab for heroin addiction. Recently he checked himself out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time I see him is at his own funeral.

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    1. Ugh, yeah – this is absolutely a discussion that needs to had and a solution needs to be available to these people who are addicted. It’s so sad.


      1. What baffles me the most is even though people know it’s highly addictive and destructive, they still use it. Idk if you saw my post on FB about the robbery at the walmart I was at last night. I’m sure that money went to buy drugs.


      2. People believe they are stronger willed than they actually are. “Oh, I’ll just do it once…” and so it starts. People aren’t educated and they believe their “friends” when they are offered it… some people just feel helpless and don’t give a fuck – the list goes on… I assume you’re right though – I’m sure it was related to it in some way!


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