Confirmed: Ben Carson Is Actually Dumb

I remember thinking for 2.5 seconds that Ben Carson might have some good ideas. Ultimately, it was his weird tone and shifty eyes that officially made him unelectable in my own realm of political judgement.

ben carson

I forget that not everyone is enthusiastically watching CNN like a maniac. If you didn’t have the pleasure of hearing the strange monotone words Dr. Carson spoke, I’m not surprised.

My favorite Ben Carson moment was during a debate in Houston where he hopped on the mic, out of turn, and politely asked one of his opponents to attack him so he’d have an opportunity to speak.

He earned some humor points but unfortunately, for the retired Neurosurgeon, I do not support a candidate based on their ability to deliver a successful joke. Can we talk about that for a second? Neurosurgeon? I’m sure he is very smart (and not technically dumb). Ben Carson has saved lives…surprising, but kudos to him for that.

In the meantine, he’s endorsed Donald Trump for President which only confirmed this growing suspicion that Ben Carson might actually be really dumb. I recently shared 12 things that I trust more than Mr. Trump, which included rusty razors and vodka, I don’t like the guy. I don’t understand why so many do; as for Ben Carson, I think they shared an awkward moment that meant something to him.

They’ll always have that.

Oh, and I also think Donald promised his weird little buddy, Ben, a place in his administration. Education, if we’re going off what Mr. Trump says about Mr. Carson’s ‘expertise’ on the matter. If you feel so inclined, I encourage you to check out Ben Carson’s website. Citing a 2012 study regarding America’s rank in mathematics among other countries hardly makes him appear to be an expert on education.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the odd couple. I can’t take this madness anymore.

awkward donald ben

(Feel The Bern, People.)

Ben Carson Slowly Floats Away From Earth

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