D is for Don’t Be Stupid

Hang on a sec, they’re getting out of the car and I have to give them a pep talk…

Don’t be stupid.

I was on the phone with my brother who was dropping his daughter and her friend at the mall and that was it – Don’t be stupid.  Not only did I find this to-the-point pep talk hilarious, I thought it was one of the most logical things I’ve heard in some time.

Think of everything that statement entails – how many different situations could you find yourself in that you could ask, “Is this stupid?”

From my thirteen year old nieces perspective it might come up while trying to decide if she should sneak into a movie. From my 31-year-old perspective I could ask myself that before eating the entire pint of ice cream*. So many ridiculous scenarios that can be answered with a simple yes, saving you from the repercussions that being stupid will hand over.

No matter what decision or choices you have on your plate today, I will leave you with the same pep talk.

Don’t Be Stupid.

*I can accept stupidity (and responsibility) when we’re talking about Ben & Jerry’s, making it a very poor example.

[I hope you weren’t thinking this was about that Shania Twain song]

Day Four : A to Z Challenge


16 thoughts on “D is for Don’t Be Stupid

  1. “Don’t be stupid” is as important in the things we choose to do, as in those that we refrain from, right? If I’d rather sit at home and watch TV rather than go work out at the gym, that’s down right ludicrous… I enjoyed your post and found you through the A to Z Challenge! http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

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    1. Right?! That’s something I should absolutely ask myself that when I sit my fat ass down by the tube… Thanks for the eye opener and for stopping by. 🙂
      Your fellow A-Zer,


  2. Stupid things I’ve done today, so far: Admitted to my dental hygienist that I don’t floss regularly. Dropped a full cup of water on the floor by the exam chair and giggled with a mouth full of spit and blood. Came home and gorged on chocolate. Gee-whiz, am I on a roll, or what?

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