E is for Election

Here’s the deal – I wasn’t always this crazy. I swear. Today, I will not rave about Bernie Sanders or go on a rage filled rant about Donald Trump; I just want to figure out how this happened.

It’s unclear when I first was introduced to the idea of this man named, Bernie Sanders. What I do know? It snowballed awfully quick. I went from being this person with zero opinions to give regarding anything political and preaching that an uneducated vote is worse than not voting, my go-to excuse for avoiding the whole process.

Now? Well, it basically consumes my soul.

Is it because my son is getting older and I’m concerned for his future? Is it because finally a politician is speaking a language that makes sense to me?  Maybe this is just what happens after thirty…?  No. That can’t be right – I have plenty of friends older than thirty who observe from afar and are too nice to say so, but they’re more than likely tired of my political posts on social media.

If someone would have told me even two years ago that I would have a political sign in my yard and bumper stickers on my car I’d give you a look that screams, Get the f*** outta here with that nonsense.

Currently, I’ll talk Bernie to anyone willing (or not) to listen to me and Lord knows, once I start I can’t stop. Let’s be honest, one of the reasons I signed up for this A-Z challenge was so I could grace Properly Ridiculous with things other than politics…

…cause I guess not everyone is into all that.

Long story short, I’m sorry I have allowed this madness to consume my soul and I’m sorry if you’ve ever wanted to tell me to just shut the F*** up.

But in reality, I’m not sorry at all.

Feel The Bern, Bitches.

 A-Z Challenge : Day Five

[If you actually do want to read some Bernie posts feel free to click here, here, here or here. If you want to read some Donald Trump rants click here, here or here.]


16 thoughts on “E is for Election

      1. Their slogan is, “The Silent Majority” … which in my opinion isn’t something to be proud of. I will not say what I am about to say applies to all Trump supporters, perhaps there are decent humans who want this lunatic running our country… but, it’s the racist people who are afraid of (innocent, us-citizen) Muslims and Mexicans…………………………meanwhile, Trump has Mexicans working construction on his tower. Ugh, Don’t get me started – I can’t stop. In reality though, there are people who claim to support him because he’s a non-politician business man, anti-establishment. I’m moving to your country if he’s elected.

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      2. I dont blame you… yyoy would be welcome but we can’t fit all of you guys over here Lol.
        If you we’re going to move here where would it be?


      3. Don’t worry, there seem to be quite a lot of Trump supporters – way more than I thought ever humanly possible… so it won’t be too crowded and at least the company would be good. If I never had to have another uneducated political conversation with a Trump supporter ever again… I’d go anywhere.

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      4. You should come over here to the UK – we can’t believe where your US elections are going. The thing is no one seems to know who’s voting for him. Or no one’s admitting it!


  1. I’m with you Jen, with one caveat: If Bernie Sanders does NOT win the nomination, I won’t be one of those Sanders supporters who say they’ll stay away from the polls altogether in the General Election. If it comes down to voting for the lesser of two evils, then I think it’s every person’s duty to do exactly that — vote for the lesser of two evils.

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  2. As an American watching from Canada, I fear the worst. He can’t possibly “make America great”. Of course he’s gathered a following, people want to know what ridiculous thing he’ll say next. Or hair brained scheme he’ll come up with. With 318 million people, those are able to vote should be able to keep him out. I just don’t want him to be an options.


      1. It’s a little scary – and yet we still have so many people who claim to not care what happens in the election. They’d rather not bother themselves with politics… It grosses me out.

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  3. I had to chuckle. I too was never very political before. But I now ride around with a new bumper sticker in my window that sports, “Love Trumps Hate.”

    – Jenny, heworeflannel.com, #227 A-Z Challenge

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