K is for Kids

I have one and there are no more planned. Not because I don’t love being a mom or that I don’t feel I’d be able to share the love among multiple children, it just didn’t work out that way.

Before we knew it, Bennett was nine years old and the idea of starting over at infant? Let’s be honest, that sounds terrible. I loved being pregnant, I adore being a mom and while I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have another – our three person operation works well for us.

I’m done wiping ass, carrying a car seat and deciphering baby-talk.

We’re at a point in our lives that weekend sleep has been reclaimed and my kid would rather spend his time at the park with his buddies than at home with his mom and dad. It’s a hard pill to swallow – but once you get it down it doesn’t take long to realize there are absolutely pros to this chapter of our lives

…like logical conversation and help around the house.

After almost ten years I’ve accepted that I’m not world’s greatest parent and I’ve had my missteps along the way, but I’ve digested the good and the bad. Raising a kid is serious business and I’m still sometimes taken aback by the big picture. I’m responsible for this young person and the path he takes in life is determined by how I take on this task.

When all is said and done – I’ve learned a thing or two about kids and how they operate.

Treat them like a baby, they’ll act like a baby. Treat them like a person with value and they’ll act like it. Teach them the benefits of being part of a team and they’ll excel in most situations. Allow them to ask the questions they want answers to and answer them honestly… the truth doesn’t have to be scary if presented properly.

Please… just do your best to make your kids decent people. I don’t feel that is a lot to ask. These are little humans who will one day be members of society, with roles to play and responsibilities to fill. Want my advice? Yes or no, here it is…

Ask my kid what I tell him to do every single time we part ways and I promise his answer will resemble something along the lines of me telling him to make good choices.

That’s what we should all be asking our kids to do – on the regular. It’s a really pleasant way of saying, don’t be stupid.

Bye, Love you! MAKE GOOD CHOICES! 


Sometimes to be a good parent… You have to laugh when you want to be angry. You have to be angry when you want to laugh. And that is why good parenting is tough. 
― Dan Pearce

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