L is for Loud


“Loud is a way of life.” -Steven Adler

I have a well known issue of raising the volume of my voice as I become increasingly passionate about a story… or a sale, or something that pissed me off – actually – there is no discrimination… I’m just loud all the time. 

People never have to utilize speakerphone, everyone can to hear my abrasive voice slamming through the phone receiver –  violently spewing past their ear and into the public.

I’m so used to people shh-ing me that sometimes I beat them to it. I’ll put my own hand up and lower the hypothetical volume as if I’m trying to announce that I have it under control.

Just two girls, oblivious to dinner grace…

I had the pleasure of standing up in a best friends wedding last summer. The wedding was beautiful, the cocktails after were yummy and the dinner time prayer was interrupted by the groom’s sister and myself.

Perhaps they announced it was time to bow our heads and thank the Lord for our grub but apparently, we missed it. It’s hard to say how long we were carrying on a, quite possibly inappropriate, conversation but we caught on eventually, bowed our heads and attempted to hold our giggles in – to avoid any further disruption.


Holy shit, I am being so loud… 

-Me, everyday.

I have friends who will high five me or act super impressed when I stop mid sentence and admit that I need to tone it down a few notches, these are the same ones who have no problem calling me out when it’s getting outta hand.

Jen, you’re getting extra loud… again.

-My friends, everyday.

We’re so used to it we don’t even skip a beat – the volume goes down and the conversation continues.  I’m certain there have been places and times when I unintentionally shared personal details about my life and made some people uncomfortable – but I’d be willing to bet most are more intrigued; I make eavesdropping easy.

I have watched people become legitimately startled by the loudness of my voice. I’m surprised big pharma hasn’t come out with a cure for this, but a side effect would probably include cotton mouth and I hate that.

I guess we’ll all just have to deal with it.


A to Z Challenge: Day Twelve



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