M is for Movies

Who doesn’t love getting lost in front of a TV, forgetting about daily life and the fact you just fed your kid a hot dog for the second night in a row? I wouldn’t deem myself a movie fanatic or anything but I like them enough to give you a few suggestions. I’ve never been fond of horror, mutilation or torture flicks – so if that’s what you’re in the mood for, I Googled it for you.

I might be of more help had I not sat in a trailer, in a trailer park (not campground) full of kids smoking cigarettes while watching Silence of the Lambs back in the day. Long story short? The smoke made my pansy-ass feel sick and when Hannibal put the dead guys face over his, I threw up right in the middle of the nasty living room, if you can even call it that. I walked home, embarrassed and those kids never asked me to hang out again – for that I’m thankful.

Back to the movie suggestions, in no particular order…

Billy Madison

billy madison gif.gif

I pretended to be sick one day and found a rented VHS of this flick, I remember like it was yesterday. My memory isn’t outstanding, there just isn’t much to remember from that day. I watched Billy Madison 4x in a row – no stopping from the time my mom left for work, until she got home. I loved it then, I love it now and please, always remember that conditioner is the important one.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I can’t recall a lot about it, but I know I liked it.

Dirty Dancing 

dirty dancing gif

I like this movie for a few reasons, but mostly because it takes me back to feeling like a real badass 12 year old, I’d tell anyone listening that Dirty Dancing was my faaavorite movie. Dancing, sex and abortion; totally appropriate. Secretly, I’ve always wanted to show up at a party with a watermelon…I think I might go watch this right now. 

Inside Out

“Crying Helps Me Slow Down And Obsess Over The Weight Of Life’s Problems”

-Sadness, Inside Out

Pixar did a wonderful thing with Inside Out. They made a super depressing movie kid friendly and basically took it upon themselves to teach kids about mental breakdowns and nasty feelings. Who knew anxiety and sadness could be so likable? When it’s over, whoever you watching with will feel the same way you do – it’s a good kind of questionable.


revenant Bear.gif

One of the few new releases I’ve sat down for recently and it got my brain going about a lot. Some about Leo and his Oscar but mostly I was left with confidence that I absolutely, positively, no questions asked know exactly what it is like to be attacked by a bear; it would be awful.


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 

I have actually never seen it, but I would feel bad about not telling you to watch it, based on how many times my father-in-law has begged me to. It’s apparently a very touching story that brings men to tears.

The Never Ending Story


If you haven’t watched this with your children you’re doing them a disservice and you should feel terrible about it. They deserve to know how it feels to want nothing more in life than to help Bastian pull his horse out of the quicksand… and all the other sadness that movie entails. They’ll love it.

Life of David GaleFight Club 

Very different from each other, but both have a slap-you-in-the-face-ending you were in no way ready for. I’m a sucker for movies with Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt twists and turns making the conclusion unattainable by someone rudely shouting out their guess. I can enjoy being lead in one direction the entire time, only to do a 180 in the last 15 minutes. If that’s done right, you usually want to watch the movie again to try and figure out what details skated by. On the other hand, if it’s done poorly you have to live with the fact you just wasted 2 hours of your life.

Bonus: If you’re looking for a funny documentary to watch, Mortified Nation will do it for ya.

A to Z Challenge: Day Thirteen

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3 thoughts on “M is for Movies

  1. Great choices! I wrote a whole post about my obsession with Dirty Dancing. I’m also with you on Neverending Story, Fight Club and Billy Madison! My dad made us turn that one off because he thought it was too stupid. Shows what he knows!

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