Properly Ridiculous Politics

This one time I wrote a post announcing a new blog that would house my political rants and raves. Gosh, that was an exciting thought…

…Aaaaaand then I fell down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.

I don’t want to wind up dead because I got a little too analytical. Not that I think this blog would be so wildly successful, more that I’d just rather not start down a whirlwind of political madness that makes my head spin.

It can’t be healthy.


For everyone asking, this is where I’m at with politics at the moment.

I wrote a post that covered a plethora of [nasty] things I trust more than Donald Trump. If you’d like to see the list of things I trust more than Hillary Clinton, Click Here.

It’s all the same.

The 2016 election has already brought me to both the highest of highs and lowest of lows, so congratulations United States Government, I’m officially back to believing my vote actually doesn’t matter anymore. Call me a conspiracy theorist, call me crazy, but there’s something much larger than the American government pulling the strings. There are people whose wealth hold such a significant strength that it is beyond your imagination. You and I? We can’t compete with that.

I’ll place my vote this coming November and I’ll watch the coverage,  beyond that, I will not be committing any further enthusiasm towards politics.

I’m over it.


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