Election Humor: Because We Need It

So, I’ve been pretty serious lately with the political posts – from Donald to Hillary I’ve managed to make Properly Ridiculous about the election, once again, after I said I was going to stop. I might have even promised.

I apologize.

To show you my obsession with politics is still in full swing good faith that this whole thing will be over soon I’ve compiled a bunch of things for you to laugh at.


Donald Trump cannot stop sniffling. I think he’s probably tried to stop snorting coke but it’s impossible at this point.


Oh, Bill. I cannot begin to imagine his excitement.

If anyone was wondering how I felt when my main man, Bernie Sanders was no longer in the race.


The last debate provided the American people with a new hero. Congratulations, Mr.  Ken Bone… you made it. #BoneAppleTea

Can we make this happen before November 28th?

The kids are out of control.

When all is said and done, we will still have everyone’s food to look at on Facebook.

Less than a month, folks. Hang in there – you’re doing great.


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