15 Waitress Realities

We know what tables want us to be invisible and who would rather we play stand up comedian, but we’re human and have feelings that go beyond the food we’re bringing you.

[1] Like when that guy comes in…

K this made my day that much better 😂 #waitressproblems #servinglife #tiplife💸💰

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[2] “OMG – Look what table 30 left me!”

Sincere generosity makes up for the creeps…

This is why I love serving. These people make all the difficult customers worth it. #serverlife #waitresslife

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[3] But you’re not getting paid to be honest…

Body feel like an 80 year old woman but the bag right so I'll live😩😩💰💰 #waitressproblems

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[4] By the time you clock out – there’s no hiding it anyway…


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[5] Freudian slips…

[6] Brutal (or enjoyable – depends)…

[7] You are my people and I love you…

[8] Just another Friday night…

Gotta keep grindin'…I've got big dreams that aren't gonna pay for themselves 🤑💵 #waitresslife

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[9] If we had the freedom to speak our minds…

[10] No really though, please go home.

lmao #serverproblems #serverlife @hotschedules

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[11] The girl you’re with might not have noticed, but Jesus knows…

[12] Dining Room VS. Kitchen

[13] This requires a lot of socializing with people I don’t really like…

#server #serverlife #rebelcircus #truth #work

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[14] Thank you for your patience! Can I get you something to drr…oh, okay – you’re ready to order? Good! Great.

Friday night feelz. #ServerLife

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[15] Like it or not, you’re a part of a super dysfunctional family.

#serverlife #lol

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But we all love it.

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