My Son Made Me A Birthday Card

I turned 32 this week and if I’m being honest, what I thought was going to be an extremely insignificant birthday turned out to be one of the best ever.

It all started with a local Soup Walk with my husband, followed by dinner and cocktails with friends. I thought the best part was when my dad, who’s not local, unexpectedly walked through my front door the next morning.

I’m sorry dad, but you’ve been bumped to second-best.


Happy B-Day Mom.

You’ve done soooooo much for us and I’m hoping I can do something in return, so I made you a present – but you may only get it when you’re done reading this letter.

[yes, I am fixing his grammar…]


Yay! It’s your b-day mom and you’re….AWESOME (Yes! You are the best).

I hope you like cake because I got you…more words on a sheet of paper!!

<C’mon, I know you’re laughing>

I hope you like cake though, because I got you… nothing, except…this grumpy cat.

<Just turn the page>


I hope you liked your card. I’ll make you another in 364 days. I just hope you like your gift.

Love, Bennett (your son) (Just look at the picture you old woman)

<It’s your b-day mom>

I’m still unsure how I feel about the old woman part and his need to remind me that he’s my son. Either way, it’s now documented and ready to share with future girlfriends should the opportunity present itself.

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