Who Are You Voting For?

It’s a question I’ve been getting asked as election day creeps up on us.

When it comes to the two most likely candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I still have no idea who’s more evil or how their presidency will effect my family. To put it simply, I believe they both have agendas that are bigger than you or I could imagine.

An avid Bernie Sanders supporter, his sign is still in my front yard and stickers still on my vehicle. Right now, it’s easy to say that I’ve never been more proud; anyone who drives past me, or my house knows that I had nothing to do with this mess we’re in.

I wanted something different, I still do.

Breaking it down to the bare minimum, we have a Republican candidate whose ego is larger than any desire to make this country great again and we have a Democratic candidate who voted for the Iraq war and fixed the primaries.

There were times in recent months I considered voting for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. More than both, I wanted to write in Bernie Sanders. Why not? That’s who I want as my president and it’s my vote. Unfortunately, none of the above allow me to vote with my conscience. Those options do not satisfy me. What mark on the ballot will help me sleep at night? Writing in Bernie Sanders is where my heart is, but my vote has more power somewhere else.

I am going green, Dr. Jill Stein has my vote.

Yes. I know she will not win, at this point the goal is so much bigger than the 2016 general election. Jill Stein needs only 5% of the national vote to qualify the Green Party for recognition as an official national party and receive federal funding in the 2020 election year.

Americans like to badger the two-party system and talk loud in regards to the corruption and the big, bad politicians but the same folks aren’t willing to take their blinders off. This has been an election fueled by fear. I have met few people that actually support the candidate they’re voting for – they just hate the other one so much.

While my dreams of Senator Sanders as our next president will not come true, I can to use my right to vote in a way that stands tall. I will not place my vote out of fear. I will not place my vote for the lesser of the two evils. I will not allow the media and political commercials to make me feel ashamed for doing what I feel is right.

When I walk out of the polling place and post my I Voted sticker on Instagram – I refuse to feel any shame because no vote is a wasted vote, regardless what Fox News or CNN told you.

“Casting a ballot for the lesser evil in a corrupt and failing two-party system — which only promises more of the same — is the very definition of a wasted vote. In contrast, every vote for Stein/Baraka and the Green Party is a true investment in the future. A majority of Americans are disgusted with the political farce we are enduring. They are desperate for a principled alternative to the predatory bipartisan establishment, and seek a positive path out of the two-party trap. Investing your vote in a 5-percent victory for the Green Party can make it happen.”

– Jill Stein, via press release.

3 thoughts on “Who Are You Voting For?

  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Stein will get nowhere near 5% of the popular vote. The way Stein has run her campaign has disqualfied her from any serious consideration on my part. I would write Sanders in as a protest vote (I live in a safe Clinton state) but write-ins for him aren’t counted because he isn’t certified by the state as a write-in candidate. If I were in a swing state I would have to cast my vote for Clinton to stop Trump, but since I’m in a safe state and there are no good options for me I may abstain from the presidential part of the vote this year.

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