Deal Breaker

I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m capable of shaking my head and giving a hard fuck that, but it took a long time. Growing up, I was the one who tried to keep the peace, no waves allowed. Other people’s happiness was more important than my own, and while that’s a lovely thought and super nice of me, it’s not something I would do over again.

I’ve realized that my own peace of mind has nothing to do with what others say, do, or think. Your actions actually have nothing to do with me personally because…wait for it…the world doesn’t revolve around Jenni Boggs. I know, it’s so weird. Come to think of it though, I became a more well-rounded, content human being after that realization. Far from innocent, I’ve dished out some deal breakers and with that, fallen victim to karma.

I mean, if someone tells you they own a house and you show up to a trailer in a trailer park…

Me, pulling into a trailer park when I was expecting a cul-de-sac.

Deal Breaker.

If you live in a trailer park – by all means, enjoy that but don’t go around telling people you own a house. Exaggeration is one thing, a small level of truth stretching I can appreciate, I’m a sucker for a good story. As long as it’s harmless, by all means…entertain me.

Deception is not included.

I actually used to lie a pretty decent amount. I’m not proud of it, but I was taught that lies are never forever, they’re tiny sprinkles of instant gratification that will come back to bite ‘cha right in the ass. Before you know it, or right when you think you got away with it: Bam! I promise you, telling the truth is always 1,632,953x easier – and for most traditional folks, misleading of any kind is frowned upon.

Domestic Shitty-ness, another deal breaker. There is no way to know what goes on behind closed doors of anyone’s home. I’m sure there are women, and men, who are in crap relationships all around you who need to decide at what point it falls into their own personal deal breaker spectrum.

Don’t judge them for it, too loose of judgement is also a deal breaker.

Being rude to your waitress? Bye. I have zero time for someone who is, for no good reason, impolite to a server.

giphy (2)
Sometimes you’re rude without even knowing it…

This can be extended to retail workers, customer service workers, and anyone else who is attempting to assist someone in any way, shape or form to pay their bills. I promise they don’t want any interaction to become awkward or hasty – quite the opposite actually. It’s way easier when everyone involved ends up happy. If you’re feeling bitchy, or like an asshole make a point to not take your shitty day out on someone who is at work.

D is for Deal Breaker.

Honorable Mention: Bad Breath. Deal Breaker.


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