I will not apologize for my lack of a filter.

Life is short, say what you have to say – how you want to say it.

This is something relatively new to me, while I’ve always been the girl who spits out something wild here and there, I have not always been this opinionated. And let me tell you, it’s liberating and I don’t think you’d regret adopting the same mindset.

You can’t please everyone. You are not everyone’s cup o’ tea and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even if you try, it’s not happening. Just save yourself the hassle and do you, because no one else can.  There isn’t a person on this planet who has the same thought process as you, so let us hear what you think.


Fuck a filter.


Talk to each other. Debate each other. Challenge each other.

Don’t get it twisted though, I don’t go out of my way to be disrespectful or rude. There’s a difference, often times a fine line, between speaking your mind and shoving things down the throats of others. The same can be said for arguing vs. a healthy debate. If you’re opening your mouth to object, be ready to open your ears just as fast.

Communicating an opposing viewpoint, giving an honest opinion, or calling bullshit politely disagreeing is something I genuinely enjoy, call me crazy. As long as the other participant in the conversation is rational, there’s a good chance I’ll learn something in the process. But let’s get real… I’m actually hoping the other person will end up saying something like, Jeeze I never thought of it like that. 

More often than not, the conversation doesn’t really change the way someone feels regarding this, that or the other. I share a lot of opinions, it’s  doubtful I’ve ever 100% changed someone’s own – but that’s not the goal. Learn something. If I oppose you – give it to me back. Tell me why you think my opinion is bogus, I want to hear it.

How boring would it be if everyone just agreed? If when you didn’t, you just kept your mouth shut? I know, I know… there are plenty of people who would prefer that and are currently thinking to themselves, that’d actually be quite peaceful.

I get it – it’s that whole not-everyone’s-cup-o-tea thing.

I cuss, it’s a habit but I refuse to call it a bad one. Sometimes Most of the time, non-swear words don’t have the ability to get my point across the same way as, fuck, shit, and damn. End of story.

But you have a kid! What are you teaching him? What kind of example is that?


I do not allow my kid to say whatever the fuck he wants, ok? He’s is doing just fine because he’s smart and knows the difference between grown up words and kid words. I never filtered myself to speak like the PTO-moms so we had that talk pretty young. If I’m being honest, when it’s age-appropriate, I actually look forward to many conversations that include the above referenced words – probably coming out of both of our mouths. Again, there’s a fine line between being disrespectful and being expressive, that’s where more important aspects of parenting come in.

I will not apologize for my lack of a filter – whether it’s opinion related, choice of words, or just flat out random statements. I am not everyone’s favorite kind and that’s okay. Next time you’re in a situation where you find yourself biting your tongue, don’t. Not everyone is used to folks speaking up with opposing input, watch the faces of the people around you and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “I will not apologize for my lack of a filter.

  1. I will happily admit I’m heavily opinionated, hell even my blog’s very first theme was about me being opinionated… I love this post, it makes complete sense of being opinionated.

    With your permission I’d like to share it on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on The Word Board and commented:
    Ladies and Gentlemen I present you this post written by Jen of Properly Ridiculous. It explains extremely well what it’s like to be opinionated and shows it’s more about being honest than stirring the pot. I couldn’t have explained better myself.

    If you’re after perspective or a good read, I highly recommend you check it out as well as Jen’s other amazing posts.



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