An Open Letter to Katy Perry

Dear Katy,

I have three things I want to go over real quick…


I get it, you have a platform you utilize to pound your chest as a strong, independent woman – who gives no fucks what anyone thinks. Good for you, except rating your celebrity sex partners is gross and not even a little bit entertaining or empowering.

Can you imagine if John Mayer did that? Man, the media would be having a field day claiming that he’s slut shaming, and how dare he discuss personal sexual encounters with the entire world – using names.

Male or female, it’s trashy – just like you.


Back when you were okay with being mediocre, I liked you. Now it appears you’re trying to force yourself into that top spot, again – good for you –  reach for the stars but can you not act like your racial ignorance and white privilege are cute?

It’s not.


You’re not six years old, you’re a woman with a voice and I wish you’d use it more wisely. No one should have to sit you down and tell you right from wrong – look into that shit before you embarrass yourself again.


Your feud with Taylor Swift is boring and no one cares, including T. Swift herself. If you could get over it, like the rest of us that’d be great.  If you really can’t help yourself and feel the need to talk about it (I’m a girl – I get it), talk shit with your girlfriends like the rest of us. To do it publicly at this point is desperate and ripping your pants on stage was probably Karma telling you to just STFU. Swish Swish.

I hope someday you can be content with mediocre again, and I won’t have to cringe every single time I see your name or face. Until then…

Used to be a fan,


PS: I don’t like your haircut.

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Katy Perry

  1. P.S. I don’t like your hair cut, hahahaha.

    I just googled, and it’s a thing! I just typed in Katey Perry and it popped up haircut! Seriously, I thought it was Miley Cyrus! Never would I think she would try to copy Miley…another one I’m left scratching my head on how the heck anyone likes her songs or can stand watching her talk.



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