Philando Castile, I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry that we live in a country where your life means less.

I’m sorry we hold police officers on a pedestal and acquit murderers.

I’m sorry your right to bear arms is not actually a right at all.

I’m sorry Diamond and her child were forced to witness the seven gun shots and the horror afterwards.

I’m sorry you did everything right, and still got killed.

I’m sorry your lady even felt the need to live stream a traffic stop at all, I’m sorry that this was your reality.

I’m sorry the NRA is not outraged by your story.

I’m sorry America has failed your race, I’m sorry this is even about race but we all know it is.

I’m sorry for your mother’s loss.

I’m sorry your family and friends had to sit through a trial, only to have a jury hand down zero punishment.

I’m sorry there are ignorant people who justify your death.

I’m sorry you were pulled over 49 times in your short lifespan.

I’m sorry that I cannot begin to understand what your people go through on a day-to-day basis.

I’m sorry for the choices the officer made.

I’m sorry Diamond’s daughter will forever remember that a person who is supposed to protect and serve took your life, right in front of her eyes.

I’m sorry for the emotional scars that will forever be in your place.

I’m sorry that my apologies and sympathy can’t do more.

I’m sorry America is moving backward.

I’m sorry that being a stand-up citizen wasn’t enough.

What does a black person need to do, to not get shot?

RIP, Philando.


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