Last Resort

I haven’t memorized a number in years. Staring at the ceiling as if one’ll slowly, like a feather, fall into my hands I dialed the only one I knew.

Dad? I need some help.

After confessing my whereabouts, he came but would not speak. In the car, words were replaced with heavy sighs while I attempted to replay the nights events in my polluted brain.

How did I get there?

…Where are we going?

He pulled into a treatment center, the same one I’d made repetitive false promises about.

“You asked for help. Go, or I will tell your mother.”

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

This was written in response to: Friday FictioneersThe objective is to challenge yourself to write a 100 word (or less) story that is influenced by a single photo. To read other submissions written for this photo, or to submit your own: click HERE.

29 thoughts on “Last Resort

    1. I’ve dabbled in Friday Fictioneers in the past and always revel in the challenge. I’m not sure if I enjoy writing the posts, or reading others perceptions of the photo afterwards more. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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    1. Precisely, and the idea that she only knows her dads, would imply that she’s called him for help before. I think I’m going to go memorize some phone numbers now. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This story reflects the mood of the picture, lonely, forgotten, on the brink of being lost forever. I like that he’s not just bailing her out, but this time forcing her to go to rehab. Nice story, leaves me thinking about it for a while.

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  2. Well done. It interests me that the threat he comes up with is “or I’ll tell Mom.” Not monetary, not “or you’re out on your ear.”
    It speaks of a strong family bond that “or I’ll tell Mom” would be sufficient incentive for a teen these days.


  3. I absolutely loved this. The opening line was a great set-up for what was to come. The dad was great. No criticising, no lecture, no preaching, just straight to the point. Well done.



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