Solar Eclipse? No, Thank You.

I don’t want to watch the solar eclipse. Should I feel bad about it? I feel kind of guilty.

Everyone’s out there with their solar shades, waiting for this once in a lifetime opportunity and I am too much of a jump-down-the-rabbit-hole kinda person that I can’t even attempt to enjoy it.

I won’t go over the theories opinions I’ve entertained because I’m attempting to not sound like a total freak. You probably already have some less than desirable opinions of your own based solely on the fact that I wish everyone would just stop.


I typically think a lot of things are over rated, the more hype the less interested I become. The chances of <insert person, place or thing here> being amazing to the point of me getting exceptionally excited are far less than the chances of disappointment. You’d be surprised though, I’m actually a pretty likable pessimist and those are hard to come by.

I didn’t watch The Notebook until it was available on DVD for like, 5 years. Every lady I knew, and didn’t know what talking about this magical movie and I’m over here protesting: There’s no way it’s as good as everyone says it is. Then I watched it, and it was great and I felt like a fucking idiot.

So back to this eclipse…

I have a ten year old kid who will be home with me at the time of said event. I honestly haven’t even really brought it up to him but I’ve absolutely envisioned his teacher on the first day of school asking who all got to watch the eclipse and my kid would be sitting there watching everyone else raise their hands with excitement.

I’m the best at coming up with hypothetical situations. 

I don’t want him to be that kid, so we’ll watch it on the NASA live stream – for him.

I’m also going to mention that it kind of gives me the creeps. Not because I reacted to a few things on Facebook and now my newsfeed is full of conspiracy theories opinions but because it makes me feel tiny and insignificant. It’s a giant reminder that we’re nothing more than little specks, all Horton Hears a Who like in a massive, bigger than imaginable universe.

I don’t need those kind of reminders… they’re scary.

cat universe gif

And then I start jumping down the rabbit hole… bye.

So, enjoy the eclipse everybody, I’ll be over here trying to decide if I’m bored or if the end is near.


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