Storycatchers: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Public speaking is scary, especially using a microphone. I have a loud voice, how loud is it now? Was basically my biggest concern, but I did this thing anyway.

I walked up, adjusted the microphone – like a pro – cleared my throat and took a good look at the crowd of people from my community who came together to listen to a slew of teenage angst stories.


With all those the faces peering back at me, I felt strangely calm. I started telling a story I’ve shared on Properly Ridiculous in the past about stealing a car at 15-years-old and soon the whole rooms gaze was interested.

That’s powerful. 

It was my second time participating in Storycatchers, feeling more comfortable than the first I even threw a few rehearsed jokes in this mix.


They wanted to know what I was going to say next, just as I anxiously awaited the outcome while listening to theirs. It’s not a competition, simply coexisting and partaking in each other’s memories.

There were stories about struggle, poetic journal excerpts, all sorts of folks expressing how they’ve been humbled by the universe.

I live in the best city. Appleton is erupting with a local artistic flare that encourages people to come together and share. Music, stories, art – whatever trips your trigger. I’m lucky to call it home.

If you’re interested in hearing my story you can watch it below.

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