I love Marshawn Lynch, and I don’t care who knows.

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I get it. He’s stubborn, hot-headed, and to be frank – he gives no fucks. I can’t help but like the guy for that. Marshawn Lynch is one of the most intriguing people in the NFL, even if he’s terrible for fantasy football, (lesson learned).

Do I agree with everything he does? No. Do I expect to change anyone’s mind about this guy? Nope. I do, however, think he’s a touch misunderstood. I’ll give you four reasons I love the guy, try to be open-minded.


After being ejected from Thursday’s game against the Chiefs he watched from the stands, and then took a train home.

I’m still mad about it too, Marshawn.

He was ejected from the game. Everyone thought he left, but there he is hanging out with Raider Nation until the (really insane, crazy) end. AND THEN TOOK THE TRAIN HOME!


Um, he’s an amazing running back? Obviously. Anyone with the nickname: Beastmode has my love. Not really… but it seemed like the right thing to say. Marshawn has my love though because watching him play football is serious entertainment.


He hates Donald Trump, just like me.

I love him. I love him. I love him.


He is who he is, unapologetically, and I don’t believe in faulting people for that.

Everyone knows about the I’m just here so I don’t get fined deal. Me? I thought it was hilarious. I enjoyed it more everytime he said it, and it never got old. I’m not sure if I could have physically rolled my eyes any harder at people who were offended or on their high horse, “It’s part of the job” bullshit. He doesn’t care, neither should you.

We don’t get any more interview time than you get with him. He doesn’t talk with us and doesn’t talk to you really. On this football team, and all teams, there are people that are more available than other people because they’re comfortable with that.

Seattle Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll

So, say what you’d like about the guy… I’ll be over here waiting for more Marshawn madness on the field, and off – cause I love it.

I ain’t got nothing to say. I just wanna play football.

-Marshawn Lynch



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