PR Monday Memes: Parenting

I have one child, a ten-year-old. He’s pretty much the coolest kid I know, but if we’re being honest there are still days, a decade later, that I want to rip my hair out simply because parenting is hard.

We’ve transitioned from little-kid-parenting into big-kid-parenting and apparently, it doesn’t ever get easier…the worries, responsibilities, and back talk just change.

So, without further a due, just take a second to laugh about it.

There are parenting wins…

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THIS DAD IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND (Read the entire note)

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…And there are parenting fails.


The day you realize their meltdown doesn’t have to be your meltdown.


We all think we have the greatest ideas but stop.

Please, for just an hour or two, stop doing shit I have to lose my shit over. Please.


There’s something to be said about the tolerance level you have for your own, verse other people’s children.

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WHAT…WAS…I…(long pause)…THINKING???

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He hasn’t eaten any actual vegetables in three days, unless potatoes count, no? Okay…

Not all of us can be theΒ best… good for those who are though, really, good for you.

Have a good week, parents, and people thinking about becoming parents, I hope this didn’t change your mind. It’s great,Β really.Β 








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