PR Monday Memes: Parenting

I have one child, a ten-year-old. He’s pretty much the coolest kid I know, but if we’re being honest there are still days, a decade later, that I want to rip my hair out simply because parenting is hard.

We’ve transitioned from little-kid-parenting into big-kid-parenting and apparently, it doesn’t ever get easier…the worries, responsibilities, and back talk just change.

So, without further a due, just take a second to laugh about it.

There are parenting wins…

THIS DAD IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND (Read the entire note)

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…And there are parenting fails.


The day you realize their meltdown doesn’t have to be your meltdown.

Hahah this is me this morning 🀣 #mumlife #parentingmemes #mumofboys #fml

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We all think we have the greatest ideas but stop.

Please, for just an hour or two, stop doing shit I have to lose my shit over. Please.


There’s something to be said about the tolerance level you have for your own, verse other people’s children.

WHAT…WAS…I…(long pause)…THINKING???

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He hasn’t eaten any actual vegetables in three days, unless potatoes count, no? Okay…

I plead the 5th. . . . #momlife #motherhood #parenthood #parenting #kids #toddler

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Not all of us can be theΒ best… good for those who are though, really, good for you.

Yeah, I’m running late. Gotta go! #kurtcobain #pta #nope

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Have a good week, parents, and people thinking about becoming parents, I hope this didn’t change your mind. It’s great,Β really.Β 








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