Nails, Meth, and Mariujuana Gummy Bears, Oh My!

I don’t get it, who puts nails in Halloween candy? What meth-head is frantically looking for their baggie? Where can I find some of these marijuana gummy bears the police keep yapping about? Not all my questions can be answered, but there seem to be a few different reasons and intentions for the who, what, why, and hows of all this madness.

First, the nails, because it’s clearly the most malicious.

Who: Psychopaths. 

What: Nails inserted into three Kit-Kat bars.

Why: Because they’re fucking twisted human beings who want to cause harm to other human beings, specifically children.

How: I’m stumped, was the wrapper opened, or did this person or people poke the nail through the wrapper and into the Kit-Kat? I don’t know. I don’t even want to know.

giphy (2).gif

Next, the meth.

Who: A meth-head who is probably, still, super pissed off.

What: A little baggie of crystalized methamphetamine.

Why: Because sometimes, when people are high on drugs, accidents happen.

How: *Knock, Knock, Knock* 

Oh, hey kids, here ya go…

*Five Minutes Later*


Last, the marijuana gummy bears… 

Who: No one.

What: Nothing, because not a single person who enjoys edibles is just giving them away to children.

Why: Because, fake news.

How: Not important, because it’d never happen.

giphy (3).gif

Just so we’re clear, you should absolutely still eat an insane amount of check your kid’s Halloween candy… quality control is important, too.


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