Thanks, I got it for $3.00

I don’t remember when my perception of thrift stores changed. My mom would pull up to Value Village and I’d sink in my chair, praying that no one would see me walking in that gross, smelly place. To my preteen self, shopping at the thrift shop meant we were poor. Nowadays, I frequent about five of them on the regular, one being my favorite.

It’s quaint, run by nice old folks who I assume all attend the same church. Probably nondenominational because they don’t judge me when I come in with yesterdays makeup and sweats. Why would I go there like that? Do I have no self-respect? Typically I do, I think… either way, it’s across the street from my house obviously giving me a free pass.

Everyday isn’t Christmas. I don’t find adorable Banana Republic 3/4 sleeve pale pink classy sweatshirts for $2.50 everyday, but that doesn’t stop me from looking. If your norm is buying new shirts with fresh, crispy edges and a tag for $45, you do you, but it hurts my soul. Handing over money for something brand spankin’ new makes me feel like a failure, I didn’t try hard enough.

If you have the patience and time, you can find anything you need for under $15.

It’s not all about the bargain though, there’s some curious nature behind it too. Who wore this? Who owned this? Where has it been? How much was spent on it originally? Was it given away out of pure lack of room, ill fit, or maybe even a bad memory prompted the donation. I don’t know. But there is something intriguing about something new to you, but not necessarily new at all.

Assuming there are thrifting gods, I’ve appeased them. How do I know? Because when I need a certain piece of attire, more often than not I stroll in and voilà, there it is.

Christmas party for work. Nothing in my closet was appealing, it’s the day of and instead of going to the mall, I walk into a local thrift shop. I found myself a red dress, black tights (brand new – because I have standards), and a pair of tall black heels. My entire holiday outfit was assembled for under $10.00.

I’m on the left. That dress, those tights, and those shoes for under $10. I’m impressed, if you’re not – you’re clearly wealthy, and that’s okay too. I’m not here to judge, but if you need any good thrifting tips or tricks…

I’m your girl.


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