Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

This week, grab your camera and capture a shadow – Daily Post Photo Challenge: Shadow

PHOTO ONE: February 10, 2017

I try to keep my food pictures under wraps, not everyone needs, wants, or is even curious as to the  meals I choose to ingest but with that being said, there are exceptions. My dishes are colorful, and I’m beginning to mourn soup-season as it’s been amazingly tolerable to leave the house without fear of frostbite recently.


PHOTO TWO: March 17, 2013

One of my favorite pictures of all time. I take zero credit for the idea, only for the photo. Bennett was supposed to be getting ready for bed and instead I caught him making shadows on the wall. There were more, less obvious to the eye, shadows but this shape on the wall accurately reflected the moment.


PHOTO THREE: August 2, 2015

Traveling to Minnesota from Wisconsin. If I haven’t said it before, I’m in love with the Midwest.



Z is for Zero

That is the number of times I’ve actually finished a month long challenge… of any sort. I’m not real sure I’ve successfully completed even a week long challenge, if I’m being honest. Zero is also the number of fucks I give that it was not done on time. Three days late? I’m good with that. I’m proud of myself for committing and for once, not quitting when it wasn’t as fun as I wanted it to be.

When I don’t feel like sitting down to write and end up deleting the first 12 drafts, it still doesn’t suck and that’s my favorite lesson learned. Every post I’ve written in the last 30(ish) days wouldn’t have existed without the fear of failure, which is just what I needed. I reminisced about stealing a car, I bitched about transgender bathroom policies and I penned a piece of fiction that turned out to be one of my favorite contributions to Friday Fictioneers.

I’m so happy I was forced to sit and write.

I blog not only in an attempt to entertain (while being entertained) but so I have something to look back on. While sitting at my computer I wind up remembering people, places, things and memories I previously forgot existed, like the time my kid tried to plunge the toilet with a towel.

…40 years from now, I want to remember that again.

It’s been two years since Properly Ridiculous was born. So far, almost 300 stories, rants and randomness have been documented and shared, cast out into the world wide web. When I’m gone, I hope my great-great-grandkids can stumble upon my words and be thrilled to find out their granny was kinda crazy; that’s my goal.

The A to Z Challenge allowed me to stir up topics I otherwise wouldn’t have been inspired by and provided the structure (even if I bent it) I needed to get back into the habit of writing on a consistent basis – for myself. Thank you to the individuals who kept me on track, calling me out when I was falling behind and for spending your time reading my madness. With that being said, there will be less posting on Properly Ridiculous while I take my next challenge even more seriously – getting my book published.

I’d really like to change my Twitter description from wanna be novelist to, I actually wrote a book, like a real one.




Y is for Yelling [At Kids In The Alley]

I took a right turn into the parking lot and saw two young boys, if I had to guess I’d say around 10 or 11 years old. They were huddled near the garages of the townhouses I used to reside in, bikes laying on the ground beside them. Driving pass slowly I tried to observe what was going on and at the last second before turning into my parking spot, I took a glance in my rear-view mirror.

These little shits are starting fires!

I slammed on my brakes, threw my car in reverse and with a squeal of my tires and a mark left on the pavement – I met them at the garages.  I went into full blown, she-must-be-a-mama mode. I opened my door with conviction and these delinquent little beasts got pummeled with my angry mom voice.

While throwing my hands in the air…


Then, without skipping a beat, shaking my head from side to side to show my dislike of the situation…


I took one step closer to them, gave them a good stare-down for few seconds and finished up with…



In my mind, that is what I looked like.

Legit fear immediately covered both their faces. The taller boy threw his hands in the air as if I was an actual police officer myself, with a gun drawn. The smaller blonde boy just stood there with a blank face, nervous.

I make my way back to my house and as I am walking in the front door I notice them taking off on their bikes. Shit, they know where I live. I don’t know these kids… for all I know I just messed with the wrong 11 eleven year old.

A while later, while I was getting ready to make dinner my doorbell rang.

We just wanted to say that we are really sorry for playing with those matches by your house. Is there anything we can do to repay you?

First of all, I never requested or felt as if they owed me anything but I did step outside and chat with to these two young boys. I did my best to explain the serious consequences and risks of starting fires and playing with matches – especially on other people’s property. The taller boy says: Yeah, like……he could have started on fire… pointing at his buddy.

There was a pause, but I replied: Yeah…I would have totally hated that.

We had a little laugh and they went on their way. They never had to come back and say anything, they easily could have gone around the corner and kept doing what they were doing or went home and laughed at the crazy woman in the ally; instead, they made a choice that made me feel good about them, which was so pleasantly unexpected.

They aren’t little shits after all, just young boys.

X is for X’d Off

I’m not the only person who puts completed items on the to-do list, strictly for the pleasure of x-ing it off.

Get out of bed.

Holy shit, I have already been so productive…look at me go.

Then there are the snippets I add that are inevitably going to be completed – like eating lunch – to ensure there are even more things to x-off the list, making me feel like a fucking rockstar.

Most of the time when I sit down to make a list, whether it’s a grocery, calls-to-make or the standard to-do list my ambitions get the best of me. I think because I am putting in on paper that the motivation will follow. Except, once I run out of things to add to the list I start having listacle remorse.

Well, shit. What can I get done the quickest? 

That’s when I realize I may have been overly ambitious when I put, organize the tote of old pictures and fill all the empty photo albums on my list of things to do in the next hour. After that realization comes and goes, the list turns into a things to get done by the end of the week and it seems a million times more realistic.

The only problem is that I do not ever keep track of the list or make any effort to actually get the shit accomplished. Ugh, my intentions are always good though; at least I know what needs to be done… right?