NFL & All It’s Goodness [& Bad]


5 Reasons Why I Love Football (& Why More Ladies Should)

5.) The NFL Is The Ultimate Reality TV – Nonstop. I’m nosey, you’re nosey…we’re all nosey. I don’t like waiting months for my trashy trash shows to come back after the seasons have ended – and once it finally airs again, it’s a completely new cast*.  I have to waste the first 3 weeks on “getting to know” everyone.

Roger Goodell Logic

How do those meetings go, that determine suitable disciplinary action? I picture a large oval mahogany table, leather chairs… 10-15 super important rich guys shootin’ the shit, eating expensive snacks.

More Importantly: Why was Dez Bryant at Walmart?

I am more concerned with why Dez Bryant was at Walmart, if I’m being honest. Doesn’t he have people who can go to Walmart for him, if that’s where he chooses to purchase goods? I understand their great prices, but I’m not rich & I still prefer Target.

Maybe you kiss your dad on the lips, I don’t.

No, I do not think Bill Belichick has any sort of intimate relationship with his daughter. Yes, I do believe this is normal in some families. Do I find it odd? Yes, I do.

Stop Showing Me The Superbowl Commercials!

Our society is a bunch of gimme-grab-gotta have it right now people. Apparently Instant Gratification is the new big thing. I’m not a fan.

Seriously STFU: Ignorant Football Fans

Richard Sherman? Marshawn Lynch? …Josh Gordon? What are your thoughts on him? He’s a drug addict. A bad person? A thug? I encourage you to read the open letter he wrote.

Get It Together, NFL

I’m fully able to make sense that the NFL is a business; a big fat money-loving business. I grasp the concept that life isn’t fair & sometimes shit happens that people need to “just deal with”. The latest mockery shown by the National Football League exceeds the ordinary, meh-it-happens, bologna.

Misunderstood Marshawn

I enjoy Mr. Lynch’s style [which I say very broadly]. I wish the team I cheer for on Sundays had this guy on our team. I won’t get into the fact that he’s a pretty good football player [#understatement] – because…nobody seems to have a problem with that.

Random Act Of Kindness: Ponder Edition

Class act… that Mr. Ponder & his lady.

Adrian Peterson: Barred From All Viking Team Activities

I’m so tired of the public jury, sponsors & ignorant people… playing judge. People continue to base their judgment on the shock value of one act of conduct. People so rapidly want to throw Adrian Peterson to the wolves & call him a child abuser – the public mob is out of control.

Adrian Peterson Is Not A Child Abuser

Our job as parents is to raise functional members of society. How you choose to do that, is your business as long as your child(ren) are not in any real danger. Charles Barkley was quoted as saying, “Every black parent in the South is going to be in jail under those circumstances.” Personally, I wish more attention would be focused on the parents who do not discipline their children.

Ray Rice: None Of Us Have Any Idea

He might be a terrible person…but, he might not. I don’t know & I’d be willing to bet you don’t know either. Janay Rice knows, Ray Rice knows, close friends, his family probably knows, her family may have their educated opinion…Me & You…Not so much

See ya later, Ray Rice.

In all reality – what did people expect to see when this video flooded our news-feeds? Did we think he shoved her? Did we think he slapped her? No… she was knocked out; we don’t need to see this video to know the caliber of the situation in that elevator at the Atlantic casino.

Dear Mr. Jared Allen

I’ve been thinking; if other teams aren’t willing to dole out the cash you want  – I think it’s best if you just stay a Viking. I’ll continue to be hopeful.

Bad News Bears

The Chicago Bears?! Really, Jared?! C’mon…I can’t buy a Bears jersey!

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