Pet Peeves & A Few Rants


Construction Zones Are Awful [but slow the #uck down]

I’m not a fan of the 10 MPH difference either. Something that helps me deal with it, is remembering there are real people…actual human beings hanging out 10 feet away from idiot drivers.That sounds terrifying.

Christmas Decor In March

All along I’ve been so [irrationally] worried about their Christmas tree that I didn’t notice… they never took their wreath down either.

I’m Sick Of Your Lies, Facebook

When will Facebook just offer a paid version that I can pay for and not have to look at these stupid suggested posts?

Negative 20 Degrees? No Big Deal.

I’m thinking about trying to get a doctor’s note or something; it’s causing me pain. Leaving anywhere to go anywhere, when it’s this cold requires a pep talk…

I Support Pizza

I’m not 100% sold on it myself… but, does I support seems like an overused statement? I’m going to talk it out and figure out where I stand… Because,that’s my point. Before you say you support something – educate yourself on it.

Ignorance is [not] bliss

If everyone had the same perceptions, ideas and opinions the world would remain idle. Contradiction creates change – good, bad & ugly. In small places like the workplace & home, to the very large picture of politics, professional athletes or global warming…Nothing would change if nothing was ever questioned. 

Seriously STFU: Is He Gay, Or Isn’t He?

It doesn’t matter if Joe Actor is gay. It doesn’t matter if Jane Singer likes chicks. It doesn’t matter. The gender that someone is attracted to holds zero baring on their talents or failures. It holds zero value on how awesome or crappy their personality is…

Let’s All Call Out People Who Litter

I’d like to meet the person who defends it not using the plethora of trashcans everywhere. I think I’d enjoy having a conversation – or maybe a well rounded debate on the topic.

Seriously STFU: Co-Sleeping

You might not agree with me, and that’s alright – I’ll only judge you a little bit. It’s your kid. If you want to co-sleep, by all means…co-sleep away. My child will be in his own bed…

Back In The Summer Of ’69

I’ve resided a few places – small towns, big cities, suburbs…less than desirable neighborhoods. I’ve heard people argue the pros and cons of all of them; the conclusion I’ve come up with: it’s not safe anywhere(anymore).

Seriously, STFU : Dear Fatty Edition

It says, “When people are worse than you at what you do, don’t judge them for it”. Am I reading something wrong? This entire thing is one big massive judge-fest.

Please Don’t Watch Me Eat Ramen…

Is it acceptable to tell a grown adult to chew with their mouth closed? Were some people not taught this as children? It’s not the sight of it – I am very capable of looking away. It’s the revolting noise that is being made.

Facebook – So Unpleasantly Wonderful…

Not only do these “friends” not have the shame in their excessive use of Facebook – they just have no shame, period.

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