Seriously STFU: EBOLA

Recently, Ebola has officially convinced me to be afraid of it.

That was before a second nurse had been diagnosed with it… who flew on a plane from Cincinnati, Ohio – two days after she started running a fever.

I’m tired of people scoffing and rolling their eyes when I say this makes me nervous.


Oh, Please…Cancer & Diabetes kill people everyday.

Yes, lots of other diseases infect and kill people on a regular basis. Guess what? I’m scared of Cancer, too. Am I allowed to be a bit nervous about both? Stop telling me about other diseases… I’m not stupid.

Only one person has died in America from Ebola.

Yes, only one person has died in America from Ebola. When he was diagnosed – we were told not to worry… it’s not airborne. We have this under control.

Now, two nurses have it.

This is not West Africa – This is AMERICA.


This IS America. With that being said, I would like to have our countries back the way the rest of you non-worriers do, however… all this “it’s not airborne” crap – I don’t believe it. It might not be ‘by-the-book’ airborne … but in my opinion…

(No, I’m not a doctor or scientist – my opinion holds no real value)

If someone with Ebola can sneeze… and their bodily fluid can travel onto my body… It might as well be airborne. 


Additionally, when it comes to us living in America… and thinking we’re so stinkin’ wonderful – I’m not certain our government tells us much of anything. They tell us what we “need” to know… but even then, it’s encrypted in some way, shape or form.


If you’ve been following the news regarding this topic, I’m sure you’ve heard that the initial nurse who contracted Ebola has flat out said that there were no protocols in place while treating the disease. To take it a step further, here is something I read on CNN today:

“The protocols that should have been in place in Dallas were not in place, and … those protocols are not in place anywhere in the United States as far as we can tell,” National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro said Tuesday night. “We’re deeply alarmed.”

Yes, I’m nervous. If you’re not, that’s okay – but stop telling me not to.

For myself, it seems realistic that I stay on top of the news & remain cautious…but that’s just me. 

signs and symptoms of ebola