Seriously, STFU: All Lives Matter

Would you go to a cancer walk and feel the need to tell people that MS is also a disease?

Psst… Just so you know, Alzheimer’s matters too.


For those of you preaching a sermon about us all being one race – the human race – please, wake up. While technically yes, we are all part of the human race and it’s a pleasant idea that we’re all granted the same opportunities…but we’re not and that’s the problem.

When did you all become so passionate, anyway?

I couldn’t help but notice that most of you who are vocalizing your right to matter too were silent after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling’s lives were taken, yet after police were murdered in Dallas a bunch of folks seemed to be offended that there wasn’t quite enough outrage over the police officer casualties – because not only do all lives matter – blue lives matter too. Obviously blue lives matter because everyone knows that a cop killer wouldn’t go free.

There is a difference between what happened in Dallas and what happened to Alton and Philando.

If one morning an officer is putting on his uniform and feels afraid he has the right, and the ability, to walk away from the profession. In no way, shape or form am I implying that since they knew the risk involved that it is less of a tragedy, I’m simply trying to put it in perspective. Black men are afraid and there is nothing they can do about it except stick together, support each other and hope they don’t end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can smear All Lives Matter across your Facebook wall but that doesn’t change the fact that last night, tonight and tomorrow there are black mothers who are going to sit down with their sons before bed and have a discussion that I can’t begin to comprehend. I am not able to wrap my head around it because of something called, white privilege and if you want to pretend it isn’t real – I regret to inform you that you’re living in a fantasy world.

If you truly believe that all lives matter, prove it. Proclaiming that your race matters too is greedy as fuck. Let them have this – this is not about you, white people.

The ignorant arguments that are floating around this madness imply that there’s a higher chance that the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were justified rather than assume a police officer made the wrong choice.

Is a cop more innocent until proven guilty than the black guy he just killed?

I’m just wondering, is that because he had special training and took an oath to protect and serve? Meanwhile, the Bahamas issued a travel advisory warning their citizens to be wary of our cops…[“Young males are asked to exercise extreme caution.”]

Stop talking about black-on-black crime, stop talking about their criminal records (or lack thereof), stop using the word thug and for the love of God, please stop talking about us all being part of the same race while spewing this garbage.

I believe if Alton and Philando were young white men they would still be alive – end of story. That is why the Black Lives Matter movement is important and that is why they don’t need to share it with anyone else.

All Lives Matter? Seriously, STFU.

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Bernie Sanders, Big Pharma & Heroin

Recently, I posted ten [super valid] reasons why Mr. Sanders should be POTUS. This additional reason to support Bernie Sanders might trump, no-donald-pun-intended, the other ten I previously penned. While intently watching the Democratic town hall in New Hampshire I heard Bernie Sanders say something I’ve never heard him, or anyone else currently (or previously) running for president say, let alone give any attention to.

I went through four years of high school, smoking an occasional joint at a party; never was I ever pressured into hard drugs, I’d even go as far as saying I had virtually no knowledge of how most of them were even ingested. Growing up 10 minutes out of Minneapolis, it wasn’t until I moved to a less congested area of Wisconsin – as an adult – that my eyes were opened to the large, sickening epidemic of opiates and heroin.

Seven years I have called Wisconsin home, in that time I’ve heard and been exposed to scary and heartbreaking instances that revolve around these drugs. I’ve watched them rip families apart and almost take the life of someone I call a friend. I had to hear about the murder, up the road, because of a deal gone wrong…

The stories continue and I’ve come to the unsettling realization that my son, growing up in today’s world, will be exposed to so much more than I was – a lot earlier in his life if something doesn’t change.

While I believe individuals are responsible for their choices and need to pony up to the consequences connected with poor decision making, I also strongly believe there is a huge injustice circulating within our country. Like Bernie said, You need 50 painkillers after a molar is removed? 


big pharma comic


Big Pharma have nothing but their own interests in mind – the more they have addicted the more money they make. Money. Business. Greed.

There were 47,055 lethal drug overdoses in 2014 making drug overdose the most prominent cause of accidental death in America. 

Not only do I trust Mr. Sanders to fight big pharma, I sincerely believe he wants to help the well-being of the American people who have fallen through the cracks. Our country needs to move forward, progressively, in a way that human beings who are getting swallowed up by addiction have a fighting chance. A small light at the end of the tunnel should be bright – if they are compelled to look for it.  Bernie Tweet


10 Reasons I Support Bernie Sanders

  1. Consistency

    Show me another politician with Bernie Sanders’ consistent policies and positions,  I’ll support him/her also. Over 40 years, Sanders has built his political career on a very focused message about what he calls a “rigged economy.” Over and over he has fought for voting rights, civil rights & income equality. Four decades of using his position to try and better our country.  There is something (very large) to be said about someone in government who refuses to flip flop their political stance based on anything other than their own personal belief.

  2. For The People

    Bernie Sanders does not take corporate campaign donations. He is not indebted to anyone, except the American people who have raised record breaking numbers for this man. Hillary Clinton acknowledged in the last democratic debate that she is well aware the impact campaign donations have on politicians and their decisions. Mr. Sanders does not owe anyone except you and I. When people talk about his campaign the words, Grassroots Movement are used, when is the last time you saw young people this interested in politics?

  3. Medicare For All

    A belief that health insurance should be a right given to the American people rather than a privilege. There are people who need medical attention for illness, physical and mental who are avoiding help because of the cost. I was doing my taxes last year, for my family of three we paid over $10,000 to secure our insurance, not including our $5,000 deductible. I do not have $15,000 to spend before I get the help I’m paying for.  I’m currently struggling to pay on over $3,000 worth of medical bills because my husband hurt his back, meanwhile, the private insurance company (and others I’m sure) pockets my $10k.

    bernie annoyed.gif
    I imagine this would be his reaction if I was telling him this story.

    As a middle class American, I would rather pay a flat tax for insurance and be covered. Go ahead and raise my taxes for insurance, Bern… it won’t exceed $15,000.

  4. Tuition-Free Public College

    It goes without saying that I want my child to have every chance to be successful, but I want everyone who feels the urge to expand their knowledge for good to have that option. Currently, I will never be able to send my son to college without myself, and probably him, going into massive amounts of debt. Sure, there are scholarships, grants and my loose change I’ve been saving but if we examine the big picture it’s not just about my kid or your kid… it’s about America’s future. It’s not a perk or a giveaway. It’s the best way to assure that they [The United States] have a workforce that can compete effectively in the twenty- first-century global marketplace.

  5. Experience

    I am sick and tired of hearing that Bernie Sanders is not electable. He has successfully won 14 elections and held elected office for 35 years. As the longest serving independent politician in Congress, Bernie holds the highest approval rating of any United States Senator in Vermont. acdb036d09900755d03b6419461e2415

  6. Wallstreet and the 1%

    If you’ve ever heard the man speak, you’ve heard the words exit his mouth. For some, it may seem repetitive – I say, scream it from the mountain top, Bern! Believe it or not, there are people, in the 1%, that support his ideas regarding taxes and income equality. Wallstreet is larger than you and I can even comprehend. They own Hillary, they own majority of big business and we are at their mercy. America’s middle class (and lower) need someone in office who is not afraid to stand  up to the billionaire class and say, enough is enough. Bernie Sanders believes our country and government belong to every single American – not just the wealthy – and that is something I can easily stand up and cheer for.

  7. Climate Change

    While Trump is spewing garbage regarding the legitimacy of Global Warming and blaming the Chinese for creating such a lie, Bernie Sanders is well aware of its presence and wants to do something about it. I’m concerned with climate change and the use of dangerous materials – when there are clearly other alternatives available. It’s 2016, America needs to get on board and help save the planet. Bernie-ClimateChange

  8. Guns

    While I try to understand my republican friends stance on guns, my position will never change. I do not think military assault weapons should be owned by ordinary American citizens. I do not believe assault weapons should be considered a “hobby”. If you want to fire and use those types of guns, by all means… join the military. Thankfully, for you gun enthusiasts, that’s my opinion and I am not running for president. Bernie doesn’t want to go door-to-door taking away peoples firearms, his position is stricter laws and background checks to prevent the every-day-mass-shootings that have become all too familiar on our nightly news.

    I have voted time and again for background checks, and I want to see it improved and expanded. I want to see us do away with the gun show loophole. In 1988, I lost an election because I said we should not have assault weapons on the streets of America. [Bernie Sanders]

  9. I’m Ready For A Revolution


    There will not be another chance to have a man like Bernie Sanders in the White House. Progressive change is what I feel America needs and continuing to do what I can to educate and spread the word to fellow Americans who either a.) claim to not care about politics or b.) are set in their scared-of-change ways, is my plan. I will continue talking about this until it’s over – please join me. If you disagree with me, debate me on it. We’re holding the future of our country, our children’s country, in our hands right now. It’s time to educate ourselves and fight for the future of our country.

  10.  I wish he was my Grandpa

    I want to hang out with him and hear stories about marching with Martin Luther King Jr. and what it’s like having 7,000 people come out and rally for you in Alabama – a known conservative state. I want to tell him how he’s altered my perception of politics and government. I want to tell him that the fight he is fighting is inspiring and exciting. Bernie Sanders will be a president for the people – you and I. We just have to get him there. Regardless of the outcome, I’m proud to be part of the Feel The Bern movement. I’m proud to support a man who flies coach and runs to catch his train. I’m proud to support a man who sincerely wants to make America better.

Gun Control. There, I said it.

We’re America, bitches. Let’s get our shit together. What the hell is wrong with us that there have been more mass shootings in our country this year, than there have been days.

Let that sink in for a second…

Yet, here we are basically saying there is nothing we can do about it. I read an article from The Onion this morning… ya know, the parody news people? It made more sense to me than anything else I’ve read regarding our current situation as a nation. Rather anything actually be done, let’s all sit around and debate about gun control and conspiracy theories.



Vaguely speaking, that seems to sum up the most passionate two sides of Gun Control. I’m not an expert – I probably haven’t even done enough research to form a solid opinion, but what’s the point anyway? Me, Joe & Jane are sitting around a table, bitching our points at each other the same way the government’s two sides are. I go home, go to bed and I’m still fucking scared to go to a movie. I’m scared to go to an NFL game. I’m scared to LEAVE MY FUCKING HOUSE.

Don’t let fear rule your life.

Another thing we’re told. I like the ambitious, positive intention behind those words – but let’s get real. People are shooting people, everywhere... and we, as a nation seem to have accepted the, “If people want to kill – they’ll find a way” reasoning. I may be naive to state something so obvious, but there certainly seems to be a favorite way of doing that recently. Is there not an ease and convenience that comes with a gun, an assault riffle at that?  

I don’t want to be schooled on gun laws, rights and all that shit; I don’t need anyone sending me an e-mail justifying their right to bear arms.

I’m just sayin, It would be a lot more work to plan on killing a lot of people, as fast as possible before getting caught – without guns.

I’m not sure where I stand on Gun Control. I don’t fucking care, to be honest – take all the guns. Make stricter laws. Let specific badass people keep them after passing a badassery/honesty test… I don’t know what the answer is…

But, can we get on a solution here, people? Agree to disagree – find some common ground…but do something.

Ariana Grande: As #ucked Up As The Rest Of Us

The number of outlandish things I’ve done while hanging out with my friends in my younger days could maybe be comparable to the whole doughnut-licking debacle and even the, “I hate America” statement.

Originally, the plan was to list all the ridiculous, bitchy & off the wall things I’ve let spew out of my mouth, but the idea shifted after I started writing them out. I realized not only are they comparable, some could argue that they’re worse.

I’ve said some pretty #ucking crazy shit.

I understand there may be some exceptions [all you perfect people out there] but the vast majority of us have said awful, gross, degrading or just plain rude statements at some point in our lives – especially when we’re in the company of our friends: who are just as #ucked up as we are. To take it another step further – majority of the crap that’s said… we don’t really expect it to be taken to heart.

As a blogger, I have the luxury of choosing what to share and when…on my own terms. It’s something most of us average John & Jane’s are allowed to have on a day-to-day basis…

Isn’t privacy lovely? 

Never have I ever been famous or had people watch and share my every move, so I can’t relate to Ariana Grande’s life… at all. Something we do have in common however, is that we’re both human and humans have a tendency to be inappropriate.

Do I condone her licking a doughnut? No.

Do I think she really hates America? No.

Do I think her apology was a little… weird? Yes.

But c’mon… this does not need to be news or investigated.

Let’s all just move on and let her be a little bitch – like me and you.