Drive Time With Jen

I planned on giving my dad a call this morning but then… Bon Jovi came on the playlist I threw on shuffle. I’ve seen them live more than a few times with my dad – so I felt obligated to belt out “You Give Love A Bad Name” with as much emotion as possible & in turn – still kinda hang out with my dad.



The song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding came on & I got all cute in my head – started reminiscing on the (cliché alert) best day of my life. Stopped at a red light, while daydreaming I started twirling my hair – probably obnoxiously. When I looked to my right there’s a brunette, maybe 30 years old peering into my car. She rolled her eyes and fairly dramatically looked away.

tina fey eye roll

Bitch. I was thinking about the day I got married; excuuuse me if I got lost in my moment. Really, I’m sorry.

The light turned green, I got eager…sped ahead & cut her off. Pretty sure she hates me.


& I Don’t Care.


Driving down the highway – I caught a glimpse of a man pulled over on the side of the road, attempting to strap… or perhaps re-strap a ladder to his truck. I was driving 70 mph, so to say that I even caught a glimpse at him might seem like an exaggeration – but I do remember thinking to myself that he looked perplexed.

That worried me.


Please let him know what he’s doing.

As I approach my exit ‘Let It Go’ comes on…Yeah, the one from Frozen. I’m picky about how I listen to my Disney tunes of choice though & actually happened to have the Demi Lovato version (which is way better…which makes it acceptable.) on my playlist. I really let it out – I suppose you could even say I let it go.

letitgo demi

Where is the brunette to judge me now?

Pulled into work, realized tomorrow is Friday… & decided it’s going to be a stupendous day.

That concludes ‘Thursday Morning Drive With Jen’.

I Have A Bitch Face

In group settings where I’m surrounded by people who don’t know me, I have to be careful. I try to be conscious of my body language so it does not accessorize my non-smiling face – making me 100% unapproachable.

Uncross your arms, Jen… 

I wouldn’t say I have trouble making friends or anything, but I have a “Bitch Face” – and it makes it a little more tough.


“You should really smile more.”

I do – when there’s reason to. I mean, it’s just not normal to go around smiling all the god damn time. That’d be creepy.

I think this “Bitch Face” is the same thing Kristen Stewart suffers from.


It’s not easy…we were born this way.

My observing gets confused with judging; from afar my listening may appear as discontent. I really am a happy, nice person – I have a lot of kindness all up in me. Unfortunately you’ll either have to hold a conversation with me, or catch me after a Viking’s win to realize it.

The same questions get asked & the same answer is typically given.

No – I am not mad.

Yes – Everything is okay.

No – Nothing is bothering me. 

Yes – I’m sure.

“I thought you were such a bitch before…”

If I had a dollar for every time………………………………. you know.