A Year’s Worth of Properly Ridiculous

One year ago I signed up for WordPress & published my first post 6 days later.

In this span of time, I’ve managed to convince 683 people to keep an eye on it. I watched that number go up and down quite a bit – depending on what was being ranted, raved or praised. I’ve monitored the traffic behind it all, almost to a fault.

I’ve watched my writing progress & change. I’ve explored different styles; wrote my very first fiction & followed with a few more.  I attempted to make sense of crazy trials, news stories, missing planes, made my fear of Ebola known & told a whole-lotta people to STFU.

I struggled through my ridiculous anxiety, and learned how to curb it. Later in the year, listened to an audio book that rocked my socks off & told everyone to just go out and follow your own arrow. I Attempted to explain resting bitch face … In turn, I was kinda bitchy about smoking & littering.

I’ve documented my son growing up, his continuing crush on the Tooth Fairy … & when he tried to plunge the toilet with a towel. Yeah, It Happened. I’m so happy it’s written down & saved for his future girlfriends.

Since I’m obviously a professional, I shared the wealth of knowledge and told you how to raise your kids also.

I made my love for football well known. Wrote a few open letters to Jared Allen & Brett Favre. Stuck up for Adrian Peterson & Ray Rice, called out ignorant football fans & directly told the entire NFL to get it together.

I turned thirty and intentionally have not changed my About Me page to reflect that; Properly Ridiculous will forever be, pushing 30. It’s been a good year & next will be better.

Thank you, 683 people who validate my lack of a filter.


I Just Want To Write


The super stellar thing about having my own blog is that it’s mine to do with what I please. I really thought that having a writing schedule would be my answer to everything, making my blog exactly how I want it – but… It’s not; I was wrong.

Plans have changed.

I don’t want it to feel like an obligation. I miss writing to write. I’m an instant gratification kinda gal – I don’t want to have a blog post in my draft folder for 2 weeks…while it “waits its turn”.

I want to write, post & repeat.

If I see a daily prompt that I want to be involved in – I’m going to do it. If I feel like I want to crap & moan about something that’s obnoxious – I’ll do it. If I want to write about something going on in the news – I’ll do it. If I feel like writing a short story…yeah, you guessed it – I’ll do it.

 Who needs a schedule? 










Writing Process Blog Tour


I was asked to participate in a Writing Process Blog Tour by a very talented, awesome writer named Adelie & of course… I accepted.

I’m excited to be a part of a blog tour that showcases the how & why behind fellow bloggers’ writing. I’m a curious person… sometimes the more accurate word is “nosy” I suppose, but I like to see what makes people tick.

Before I talk about myself a whole bunch…I want to tell you about Adelie, my friend who writes over at Artfully Aspiring.

To sum it up in one word, Her writing is meaningful. I encourage you to check out her fiction as I promise you…it will take you exactly where she planned. The words she puts together paint a story that make it clear that writing is her passion & personally…I am so happy she is sharing her passion with all of us. She certainly inspires me & I wouldn’t be even the slightest bit surprised if you felt the same exact way.

Here’s my leg of the tour…


I am currently working on only my blog, Properly Ridiculous. I still consider myself to be a bit of a newbie as I started just a little under 4 months ago. With that being said – I feel like my blog has opened up the flood gates for ideas & I am working on developing this new found passion of writing. Right now, I’m establishing a writing calendar so I can at least appear to be more organized.


I’m not exactly sure if there is a “genre” for my writing as I seem to bounce around a bit. Is there a “sarcastic-opinionated-mom” genre?

Something that I feel sets my writing apart from others in general would be the opinionated nature & the fact that I am not hesitant to write and share exactly how I feel. 


To entertain you. To make you agree with me (or not). To make you see my point. To produce laughter.  To vent. To inspire. To learn. To research. To provoke emotion.

I write what I write for all of those reasons & then some. I want to leave my mark, no matter how small it is. Even if just one person felt as if they gained something from my writing – I have accomplished something.


Process? You mean like… routine? Yeah, I don’t have one (yet).

I write impulsively. I carry a notebook with me, and when something strikes me – I write it down; as soon as I have the opportunity I am typing like a mad-woman. I do not hold onto drafts. I don’t go back and tweak them… I have zero drafts right now in my folder.

With that being said…

As I continue moving forward in my blogging journey, I’ve realized that I could absolutely benefit from a process. Which brings me right back to my answer for ‘Question A’ way up there…(Sidenote: it’s driving my OCD brain bonkers that the questions are listed as letters rather than numbers). 


If you’ve made it this far… you’re a lucky duck…I’m about to grace you with some people who can entertain you.

You’re welcome.

The first person that I want everyone to go check out is Mr. Bitter Ben over at Ben’s Bitter Blog. His tagline is, “We Make Bitter Better”… now, if you don’t want to go check out his stuff based on that alone, I’m not sure I want to associate with you anymore. Yes, you.


Ben’s blog overall – is cynical happiness. (I love me a good oxy-moron). Here’s an example of his bitter humor:  Bitter Irritating Friday Giftures

Introducing: Bitter Ben.


Hi, my name is Ben and I blog over at Ben’s Bitter Blog.

I’m 41 years old, I have a wonderfully nice wife that puts up with all my bitterness, and 6 year old boy and a 9 year old girl that have been taught in the ways of the Bitter since they were young.  

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now and I guess you could say that my blog survives for three reasons.  Phones, Humor, and Ideas.

It started because of my hatred of my bitter hatred of phones.  Not the cool phones that let you text or surf websites or play with apps or that you use to talk to pleasant people.  I’m talking about the ones that are used in customer service, which is the job I have.  The people on the other side of the phones that I work at are angry, bitter, and upset people.  After a particularly frustrating day at work, I came up with an idea that I thought would not only make money, but would soothe the frustrations of not only the customer but me.  A 1-900-BITR-BEN phone line that people could call where they could pay to complain to me.  Tell me about your job, your house, your family whatever.  The catch is that phone rep could complain back.  At the end they would both laugh at how ridiculous they were and money would flow to me. When that didn’t happen, someone told me that I should write a blog about all the things I’m bitter about. So I started one.

Humor.  It’s fine to be bitter about things, but if you don’t have a sense of humor about it, people will tire of it really quickly. I’ve always wanted to be a comedian, and I am funny, but not to a bunch of people on a stage.  I would freak out if there was any sign of anyone in the audience not liking anything I said.  I found that I have an affinity for writing (other than grammar) and words and comedy and bitterness seemed to have just the right mix of things that would make an interesting thing to not only read, but write.   So the blog was the perfect avenue for it.

Ideas.  I am full of them.  I am an idea factory.  I have them constantly, either in dreams, or driving around or just common objects spark ideas in me.  So with the common theme of Bitterness, any idea that comes to me can be put out there, as long as I relate it in any small way to Bitterness.  And how hard can that be? For me, not hard at all. 

So phones started it, humor makes it interesting, and ideas continue to fuel it.  Kind of like how a fire needs fuel, heat and oxygen.

The next person that I am going to introduce you to is Sam who blogs over at What 24 Looks Like. She is super funny & brings light to many situations. Her confidence and lightheartedness really comes through her writing. I love her, you’ll love her…

Introducing: Sam


My name is Sam, and I’m 24 years old. It’s my first full year being out of college and my life is wrapped around a 9 week old black lab and his super diva mam, a library, and a small town I grew up in. It hasn’t been easy moving back to such a town so small but it’s such an interesting journey and I’m learning to embrace those southern roots. I may be snobby with my literature and loose with my TV shows. I believe in flower crowns and signature nail polishes (mine happens to be light mint green). I honestly see myself as a perfect mix of Mindy Kahling’s shallowness, Liz Lemon’s view on life, and Leslie Knope’s over exuberance. Meaning I’m a real girl who loves pizza and Netflix but I also get over excited and tend to go overboard on different things! I love baking, cheese and anything that has to do with chocolate.

If you’ve made it this far – you’ve successfully completed my part of this tour. I sincerely hope you check out Ben, Sam, & Adelie’s blogs – you won’t regret it – I guarantee it!**

**I don’t know you that well…so I can’t actually guarantee it…but, the fact I was willing to say it – should at make ya want to take a peek.