Christmas Tree Delivery? Yes, Please.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s the beginning of summer & everyone is super stoked that the cold temperatures are behind us (for now). While we’re all in such a good mood about it… I’m going to make your upcoming winter & Christmas season easier to look forward to.

If you enjoy the smell of a fresh tree in your house… you don’t have to go through the hassle.


What if I told you… I came across a company that DELIVERS A FRESH CUT CHRISTMAS TREE TO YOUR FRONT DOOR? Delivers it. 

[Hilltop Christmas Tree Farm]

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farm

That means, you don’t have to battle the saw to free it from the stump, you don’t have to strap it onto your vehicle and pray it stays put; instead, you get to answer the front door and prop it in your tree stand.

Done. Merry Christmas, to you & yours.

Why am I telling you this in May? Because, if you sign up & reserve yours before September 1st on their website… you get 20% off.

Merry Christmas, AGAIN.


In case you’re wondering [since it’s May]…it will not be delivered before it’s time to decorate it, regardless how early you order

And yes… thank you for asking, I do accept gifts for sharing this with you.

Christmas Decor In March

I drive past a house every day on my way home from work. For the entire month of February I made mental note of their Christmas tree, still lit up in the window…looking all Christmasy… in February and then March.

giphy (2)

They could have at least threw some hearts on it & called it a Valentine’s Day Tree or something; that’d make sense.

Last week, as I drove by…I see the Christmas tree sitting on the curb – waiting to be disposed of.


Quickly after exclaiming that in my head, I realize I was way too emotionally invested in these people’s décor decisions. While I’m having this completely ridiculous inner dialogue in my head, I noticed something…



All along I’ve been so [irrationally] worried about their Christmas tree that I didn’t notice… they never took their wreath down either.

How do you walk past a CHRISTMAS wreath that’s hanging on your front door WITH A BIG RED BOW day after day?

giphy (1)

Do they like it that much? Are they that lazy? Why is it still there?!

I can’t keep this to myself any longer; I need to know.