Sometimes other people say things or post things on their social media that instantly make me feel like we’re on the same page, or perhaps soulmates, at the very least be friends. People are so clever and smart, who doesn’t enjoy like-minded people? Other times I just get jealous and annoyed that I didn’t come up with whatever it is first.

Here are some things that made me all…


A few podcasts you should check out: Risk, Criminal, Mortified, S-Town, Serial, Up and Vanished, Atlanta Monster, The Daily… if you need more recommendations, you just let me know, I have plenty more in my pocket.


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At least once a month @kiracohen

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This also happens after a busy shift at work. Who the fuck is that bitch? That is not who I left the house as…


I promise this is the only political one, but trust me, I could have filled this entire post with them. You’re welcome.

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the shower has become my home 💦

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I like to play this game called, how hot can I handle it? Which is not nearly as sexy as it sounds… It’s just turning the water temperature up until my skin melts off.

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V elegant

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Face and all.


E is for Exactly!: A to Z Challenge

Hump Day Humor #13

Perhaps you don’t believe in superstitions and you are never graced with bad luck…. I’m sure you’re really awesome.

I, on the other hand… am familiar with luck that’s not good & I sometimes give credit to false beliefs.

Seeing as this is my #13 Hump Day Humor post, I’ve chosen to go down the unlucky path & make you guys laugh with some other people’s misfortune……………which is usually a pretty good time.


Good news: Builds character. However, this kid is unlucky to have him for dad.


That guy… is a hilarious jerk & I bet they’re still friends…so, don’t hate him and appreciate the laugh.


If I was a cat – this would be me. White girl (& orange tabby cats) can’t jump.


Girls…even if you’re really talented on the pole – you should not be a stripper. Bad things always happen to strippers.


Maybe try lifting weights instead of stripping… But, don’t get crazy like this girl… I’m glad she tucked & rolled (& slid). She managed to do that pretty gracefully.


I hate it when I am trying to be sexy & my prop knocks me over.


This guy was unlucky…because he didn’t even try. That is the laziest attempt at a hop I’ve ever seen. That’s what you get.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha … This is why I have never been on a Segway.

So yeah…Hope your Wednesday is luckier than all that.