Back In The Summer Of ’69

People used to hitchhike with no worries, just to get around.

Present day, when I see someone hitchhiking I accelerate & do my everything in my power to avoid eye contact. I hate to say it… people have GONE CRAZY. You never know who you are dealing with nowadays; there is no way to detect someone’s ulterior motives.

(If you’re an anxious person such as myself…you already know that everyone always has an ulterior motive.)

I’ve resided a few places – small towns, big cities, suburbs…less than desirable neighborhoods. I’ve heard people argue the pros and cons of all of them; the conclusion I’ve come up with: it’s not safe anywhere (anymore).

Back in the summer of ’69… you could trust the stranger behind your door when the doorbell rang. Today rather, we have this…

piechart - door knocking

Back in the summer of ’69… you could leave your car door unlocked for 15 minutes while you run into a store. Today rather, we have this…


Back in the summer of ’69… parents felt comfortable with their children playing outside – unsupervised (at an appropriate age of course). Today rather, we have this…

overprotective parents2

Back in the summer of ’69… people valued real communication significantly more.

If you didn’t click play, I must urge you to reconsider. Mr. Louis C.K.’s opinion regarding cell phones is worth 4 minutes of your time. Go ahead, I’ll wait…………….

Louis pretty much said anything & everything I’d want to say on the matter so…

I’ll move on. How about drugs…

Disclaimer: I’m not claiming to be an expert on cocaine, heroine, meth, crack… anything of the sort – I’ve never dabbled. I do however, claim to be an individual with a decent amount of common sense that’s paired with a small amount of knowledge.

I’d be willing to throw down some dollars & bet that it was much safer to investigate less: who got what from where & it’s ingredients, back in the summer of ’69.

Nowadays, who knows what’s in it. I don’t need to be through-the-roof educated on the subject to know that drugs also – are not the same as they once were.

Because people have GONE CRAZY.

Hey…Let’s try out these chemicals mixed with this already pretty intense drug – jam it our arms and just see what happens.

Enough of that…

Back in the summer of ’69…how many people depended on the government to support them?

I have no issues with people who receive assistance from the government that need it. People fall on hard times & it’s great that we live in a country that is often eager to help – but let’s get real…

It’s not 1969 & the grocery stores crawl with people who abuse the system. Why aren’t purchases made with government assistance better monitored? If my tax dollars are paying for someone elses groceries – I don’t want to see these people buying soda & pizza with it. I’m not saying they’re not allowed to consume those things, I just wish they would purchase those items with their own money.

I will refrain from going on & on about the people who receive medical assistance & continuously visit the ER for a simple cold or headache…for free.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m doing it all wrong.

Here I am, working 40+ hours per week, handing over a generous amount of money for my family’s health insurance AND I have to pay for all of my own food…every month – with my own money. I mean… I could always quit my job & apply for help.

Thank God there’s this thing I have called pride that just keeps holding me back.

Psst…I think I know what is causing all of this.

People just continue to bring lazy to all sorts of new levels. Unfortunately, with laziness comes stupidity – as more time passes, stupidity breeds. It could be a different story if the smart bred faster than the stupid – but the smart knows what causes that sort of thing & tends to be more responsible.

I’ve done a lot of complaining here; I wonder what people will be complaining about in another 45 years. What will people  have to say about 2014 when it’s considered to be back in the day?

Kind of a scary thought…