Ariana Grande: As #ucked Up As The Rest Of Us

The number of outlandish things I’ve done while hanging out with my friends in my younger days could maybe be comparable to the whole doughnut-licking debacle and even the, “I hate America” statement.

Originally, the plan was to list all the ridiculous, bitchy & off the wall things I’ve let spew out of my mouth, but the idea shifted after I started writing them out. I realized not only are they comparable, some could argue that they’re worse.

I’ve said some pretty #ucking crazy shit.

I understand there may be some exceptions [all you perfect people out there] but the vast majority of us have said awful, gross, degrading or just plain rude statements at some point in our lives – especially when we’re in the company of our friends: who are just as #ucked up as we are. To take it another step further – majority of the crap that’s said… we don’t really expect it to be taken to heart.

As a blogger, I have the luxury of choosing what to share and when…on my own terms. It’s something most of us average John & Jane’s are allowed to have on a day-to-day basis…

Isn’t privacy lovely? 

Never have I ever been famous or had people watch and share my every move, so I can’t relate to Ariana Grande’s life… at all. Something we do have in common however, is that we’re both human and humans have a tendency to be inappropriate.

Do I condone her licking a doughnut? No.

Do I think she really hates America? No.

Do I think her apology was a little… weird? Yes.

But c’mon… this does not need to be news or investigated.

Let’s all just move on and let her be a little bitch – like me and you.

Seriously, STFU: Male vs. Female, Black vs. White, Too Thin vs. Too Fat

Our society just keeps stretching to come up with ways we can be pissy-pants. Why don’t we stop stirring the pot & just let people do what they want without judgement? That should be an easy concept but, rather, we’d like to pick people apart and call it entertainment.

Gossip, celebrity & otherwise, is nothing more than acceptable heckling.

Everything lately is: Male Vs. Female, Black Vs. White, Fat Vs. Too Thin… and quite frankly, it legit grosses me out. Perhaps everyone should just mind their own business, everyone just do what tickles their fancy – and everyone just accepts it. What an odd concept, eh?

Case in Point: Kevin James, Adam Sandler & Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez Adam Sandler Kevin James Premiere Sexist
The headline that went with this photo questioned whether it was sexist that Selena got all gussied up and the guys are in sweats and running shoes.

How about instead of hypnotizing something radical – we just call it as it is?

Selena looks gorgeous, Kevin & Adam look like Kevin & Adam. If Selena Gomez didn’t want to put in the effort for the red carpet – she wouldn’t. If Adam Sandler & Kevin James wanted to put on a tux – they would have.

What the hell ever happened to it simply being about Personal Choice?

Seriously, STFU.