Random Act Of Kindness: Ponder Edition

It has been quite some time since I’ve been able to jot down something good  about anyone on my squad of purple convicts…[Minnesota Vikings…if that’s not clear].

Here’s a story Minnesota Viking’s fans can be proud of.

A grieving father brought his two young daughters, Brianna and Emily to the mall a few weeks after their mother tragically passed away in an automobile accident.

He brought them to his late wife’s favorite store to purchase new headbands, trying to lift their spirits. While making their way through the mall, Brianna recognized a familiar face. Minnesota Viking Quarterback, Christian Ponder & his wife Samantha were also shopping at the mall that day.

The girls told The Ponders what brought them to the mall that day, chatted & took a photo.

via: cbs
via: cbs

What happened next is heartwarming. While the girls browsed, the Ponder’s got busy talking with the store manager. After while, the manager approached the family & told them that the girls could pick out whatever they wanted … at no cost to them. They did not put this families tab on theirs for publicity.They didn’t want to be the ones to tell the family of their generosity.

They did it because they are nice people.


Afterwards, when each girl walked out with a personally tailored outfit – Brianna said:

I’d tell him thank you for what you did, and that I felt like my mom was doing this.

Class act… that Mr. Ponder & his lady.

via: twincities.com
via: twincities.com