PR Monday Memes: Halloween

October 31.

The one day of the year your kid puts some work in for the family, supplying the household with delicious treats to feast on after they go to bed. Even if you don’t have kids, eat as much candy as possible – it’s a free pass for like a week at least.

Costume: 8/10

Pun: 10/10

Real Life.

No, really though…” -Your Dog

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What are you going to be for Halloween?


What’s that?

Ham. Just ham.Β 

‘Scary’ is open to interpretation.

I don’t want to beΒ that house,Β handing out Dum-Dum Suckers, so I guess I’ll spend theΒ $1,329.00 for the good stuff…

I love a good family tradition around the holidays.

Sometimes, Halloween is hard.

What a terrible day for humans with allergies.Β 


And if anyone’s wondering what I’ll be up to this Halloween…

Happy Halloween, friends.Β 

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