National High Five Day

I’m not one for made up days dedicated to things that don’t really matter. 

Fact #1: I love high fives.

Fact #2: High Fives Matter & should absolutely have a day.

When I was in my early 20’s my brother & I shared a townhouse.

We High Five Around Here

was plastered on an 8.5×11 piece of printer paper that I sloppily penned & taped up by the front door. It wasn’t expensive decor, but it’s what we stood for [and still do]. It became a motto that a lot of our friends still use today & that’s what a National Day should be about.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

giphy (2)No. The only time it’s appropriate to dress your pet, is if you have a fat cat & put it in a sweater. I like that, but it doesn’t need a DAY to celebrate. People who dress their animals do it regularly and anyone who doesn’t won’t run to the store to purchase an outfit for their pet…because the internet claimed it was a holiday of sorts. 

I forgive you, Bob. [via:]
I forgive you, Bob. [via:]
National Forgiveness Day? No. If someone in your life did something shitty, or you did something shitty – the time will or will not come for forgiveness. I highly doubt signing onto social media and finding out that it’s National Forgiveness Day has repaired many relationships.

National Ask A Stupid Question Day? No. What is the purpose of having a day that recognizes stupid questions? The only thing this “holiday” does is provide proof that there actually are stupid questions. 

Not only is today, National High Five Day (YES!) it is also National Wear

Your Pajamas To Work Day. No. If I showed up to work today in what I wore to bed last night and justified it by saying.

What? Today is THE DAY!

I’d be sent home without pay. If you’re going to declare it a day of recognition I should be getting paid if I’m not at work.



Happy National High Five Day, Everyone!

Let’s All Call Out People Who Litter.

I’m not sure if this new viral video of a lady on a motorbike throwing garbage back at litterers is real, or if it’s staged – either way…I encourage everyone to do it.

Record yourself doing it…or don’t. Call it an act of kindness [for the environment]. If you do video it… please e-mail it to me.

Seriously…WHO LITTERS? 

People who throws their garbage on the ground – are pieces of trash (hardy har har)

But, really…complete idiots with no regard for anything other than their trashy-selves need to be called out.


Quick Story: I was in 6th grade, walking with my best friend (also named, Jen) down the street. It was fall & kinda chilly – if you were wondering. Anyway, our dumb kid selves threw a pop can down the sewer drain. A man screamed out to us, “HEY….THIS IS MY EARTH, TOO!” 

At the time… we laughed. Now, I seriously applaud that guy.


Do it. Call them out. Throw it back at them…if you’re not feeling so brave just scream out:


…Even if they don’t take it seriously – they’ll remember it was said.

I’d like to meet the person who defends it not using the plethora of trashcans everywhere. I think I’d enjoy having a conversation – or maybe a well rounded debate on the topic.


Anyway… Don’t litter. That’s all.

PS: I’m also talking to smokers who litter.

Hump Day Humor #10

We have survived another Monday-Tuesday combo, Folks.


I decided to pay tribute to dogs this week. Have no fear, I have one… which makes me 100% qualified to know what is funny and what is not when it comes to this little/big creature.


I’ve had this conversation with my dog; she’s kind of a bitch…trying to make me feel all bad about myself…
My 7 year old son the other day starts rubbing his butt on the floor and says, “Look Mom, I’m Trapper!”…………….Yeah. It happened.
Heart’s in the right place…but oh so selfish.
Cats who torment/annoy/tease dogs are bad-ass. Period.
lobster dog
I have no additional comments for this.
Fact: My vacuum hates my dog as much as my dog hates the vacuum.

To making it to Friday…Cheers.

5 Reasons Why I Love Football (& Why More Ladies Should)

1.) The Apparel For Women Within The NFL Market Is Flat Out Adorable.

Just because you’re watching football with the guys (I’ll get to that next) does not mean you can’t support your team and look like a lady! Google It!

The NFL (and a ton of retailers) have made it excessively easy to feel dainty & cute while you smash a chip filled with guacamole into your mouth and scream at the television set.

Regardless of how cute you look…that does sound like fun, right?

2.) Real Quality Time With The Men In Your Life (And Their Friends…)

I hope you like your boyfriend/husband/father/brother’s friends…

Stop. If not, this does not apply to you & you may skip to #3.

Most non-bitchy girls I know would rather hang out with Men over Women anyway. There is just something about hanging around a bunch of men in their element (i.e. Football, Beer & Snacks) that’s just flat out fun. It’s a legit good time. Who doesn’t love a strong manly high five?! Lady or not, you have to appreciate a man’s high five over most women’s sad attempts.

Why do some girls get all shy about high-fiving? It’s supposed to be exciting; I don’t want you to gently place your hand on mine… Maybe you’re not aware, but it’s supposed to make noise. I want you to hit it.

Back on track…

#3.) You Can Cheer For Whoever You Want. 

If you aren’t already locked in, there is no rule that says you have to cheer for your home team. Typically, you do…but you’re a grown woman & you can do what you want. Do you like the colors of a certain team? Go with it…

Many years ago, my love for the Carolina Panther’s was the reason I rocked a very stylish Carolina Panther (pullover) Starter Jacket, fully equipped with that big ol’ pouch/pocket in front. I loved it.

If you need a visual – I can help with that…

Carolina Panther Black Pullover Starter Jacket

I also wore these.


(Pridefully, I might add.)

Zubaz is what they’re called – and apparently they are still being made. So, find your colors gals and get to ordering.

4.) Ahem…You’ll See.

Cam Newton
Cam Newton
Tom Brady
Tom Brady
DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson
Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski
clay matthews
Clay Matthews

Yeah… That sums up #4.

5.) The NFL Is The Ultimate Reality TV – Nonstop.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some Bachelor(ette), America’s Next Top Model & X-Factor; but there just aren’t channels that stream (LIVE) updates & current information on those people constantly.

I’m nosey, you’re nosey…we’re all nosey.

If you invest some fanship into the NFL you get NFL Network & ESPN – even during the off season! Better yet, you can watch Redzone (aka: best thing ever) alllll day *commercial free* every Sunday .

I don’t like waiting months for my trashy trash shows to come back after the seasons have ended – and once it finally airs again, it’s a completely new cast*.  I have to waste the first 3 weeks on “getting to know” everyone.

Conveniently, with the wonderful NFL – Once a year, one batch of new characters*  (some that you may already know of) gets thrown into the mix of people we already know and love (and sometimes hate).

(*Cast = Acting / *Characters = Interesting People).

From the villains like HimThese guys & Them – to the players who make your heart warm like HimThis guy & These men… there’s typically something going on to talk about, on a fairly regular basis.