Hump Day Humor #10

We have survived another Monday-Tuesday combo, Folks.


I decided to pay tribute to dogs this week. Have no fear, I have one… which makes me 100% qualified to know what is funny and what is not when it comes to this little/big creature.


I’ve had this conversation with my dog; she’s kind of a bitch…trying to make me feel all bad about myself…
My 7 year old son the other day starts rubbing his butt on the floor and says, “Look Mom, I’m Trapper!”…………….Yeah. It happened.
Heart’s in the right place…but oh so selfish.
Cats who torment/annoy/tease dogs are bad-ass. Period.
lobster dog
I have no additional comments for this.
Fact: My vacuum hates my dog as much as my dog hates the vacuum.

To making it to Friday…Cheers.

Hump Day Humor #5

I’m a big fan of The Onion.

I’m even a bigger fan of rewritten Family Circus comics.

These two things combined…& you may call me an enthusiast.

Family Circus Parody
“I’m blaming the drawer when in reality the fault is my own.”
Family Circus Parody
“Mother, what would you suggest one do when one has grown so large that he has taken a bite out of the very moon iteslf?”
Family Circus Parody
“Mommy says she had dreams once.”
Family Circus Parody
“Eat your fucking hand, Baby.”
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